FB live: Evolution Series- Wake up, Grow up, Show up - Pure Light 1111

FB live: Evolution Series- Wake up, Grow up, Show up


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

We’re in such a potent & powerful portal of metamorphosis.  The theme of 2022.

The women in the Soul Architect Series™: Made for more (upgrade) 6 week immersion are being calibrated layer by layer to embody their higher self life!

This immersion has also included a 1:1 session with me which has been like rocket fuel.  We alchemise so much when we are in the vortex of someone who can see, hold & quantum leap the wider often unseen soul vision.

These sessions are bespoke & have ranged from whatever is needed.

  • Business strategy & re-alignment to get to £20k months.  Including staff changes, product revision, energetics, cash injection plan & new strategic high level opportunity for scale.
  • Channeled clients next level business plan & healing modality.  Allowing her to birth her true soul frequency in her work not follow any other closed system modality! Freedom, expansion & potency.
  • After one session my client bravely decided to honour herself & end a relationship which was deeply mis-aligned with a man displaying highly controlling, misogynistic & neglectful behaviour.  I had seen my client lose her spark & be pulled off course from the passion she had with her coaching business & writing her book. This choice will provide the gold as she has some deep pieces to alchemise.

I have decided it feels deeply aligned & of service to hold another 6 week immersion in September.  This is an opportunity to shift & uplevel in all areas of live.  Blindspots eliminated & activated to higher levels of life force energy & wealth frequency.

I know not everyone is ready for this work but those who are at soul level & know now is the time.  They deeply trust themselves!


If you are interested here’s the link & DM me with any questions. Payment plan available.

Join me on Monday 22nd Aug at 7pm (Lon/GMT) time.

Evolution Series- Wake up, Grow up, Show up


Allera x

The Modern Day High Priestess

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