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Extraordinary Woman- Yes you!


Hey Gorgeous soul,

I have something to share with you!

In case you had forgotten amongst this turbulent changing world!

  • You are brilliant
  • You are here for great things
  • Struggle becomes a choice as we ascend in consciousness (it’s a familiar old bad habit)!
  • You are here to have an extraordinary life & chose to incarnate at this time to be part of something important!

I was excited when Music Marketing Executive & author of the book Extraordinary Women in history joined the podcast to share her journey!

She too rose through the ranks of a male dominated industry & found her voice, passion & purpose!

I recommend her book to everyone I meet!  It’s a must have & I feel one all children need to read.  As women have just been removed from our history books.  Yet we were pioneers, inventors & pretty amazing! Yet unrecognised for it!

We get to change that in this generation!

Listen to the podcast here:


I am a believer that each one of you is an extraordinary woman & sometimes we get stuck, caught up in blindspots of trauma or unable to access the clarity we need to see the next step to expanded abundance.

I want to support those ready to say ‘yes’ to themselves & am offering an abundant opportunity.

I have the new 121 Soul Accelerator sessions. I have created a code to give you £300 discount to book till 29th May!  I am playing with the abundance code 3 and this feels exciting to offer you an opportunity to elevate now!

The code only works on this special link.


To check the calendar re time slots.  Go here and then pop the slot you want on the order form!  Only those on my mailing list are getting this gift!


Allera xx

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