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Exploring new lands & new timelines


Exploration of self & new land

As I drove through winding narrow trails over rumbling hills.  The rain started to fall

A reset

A time shift occurred as I entered the space

Beautifully lit, offerings laid out in the centre of the room

I added lapis lazuli & citrine to optimise the royal codes of abundance into the space

Today’s dedication was to gratitude & abundance

2 hours of deep restorative yoga & aromatherapy to take us deeper into letting go

Creating safety & expansion in the physical body is key to allowing yourself to receive your manifestations

Your body holds consciousness

Including a barometer for your set point of what is safe to receive, at which speed.  How much money feels safe to receive (look at your bank balance to find the clues)!

As I altered state into each pose.  I deliberately connected my energy with the people & experiences due to enter my life.

Coding my cellular frequency to a new state

Receiving guidance of the next step…

I say yes to it all

I say yes to the exciting whirlwind adventure I’m proceeding towards

I say yes to expecting, deserving, welcoming & opening up to more without condition or control

You see it’s always you in relation to you!

So sometimes you have to surrender to soul & be prepared to move

It won’t make logical sense

As the soul doesn’t operate in the land of logic

The soul is tapped into your emotion & your magic!

So excited for session 2 of The Soul Architect Series: Made for More this evening!

Sending you abundant blessings for your day ahead 💫

Allera xx

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