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Exit Plans


For some this message is intended as a clear warning and wake up call!

I need to explain something which is coming to the surface presently.  It’s something I’ve witnessed along the Twin Flame journey and have personally experienced throughout my life…Death doors.

Death doors are planned exit routes dotted along our lifetime.  In many instances we knew certain situations and circumstances could become too unbearable due to trauma, neglect or being so pulled off course from our Divine Soul Blueprint that it would have been impossible to carry out the life contract.

These situations are far from rare.  My first death door was at four years old when I drowned.  I knew this lifetime was going to be challenging and I planned that exit.  The only reason I stayed was to complete my Divine Timing.  I remember seeing the choice in front of me as my body sank to the bottom of the swimming pool.  The rubber ring that had  been around my waist was too big and I’d slipped under, no one noticed.  This was the first day of my swimming lessons.  I remember watching as I was pulled out of the water and they tried to resuscitate me.  At that point I could still decide.  I felt a calm stillness, detached as an observer.  The next moment, I was abruptly pulled back into the body.

This should have been a wake up call for my parents, yet it wasn’t.  I spent many years of my childhood rescuing my siblings from similar situations including nearly being hit by a car and a drowning.  At a young age we were already struggling with the negativity and wanted to leave.

A death door can also be an illness, an accident or sudden inexplicable death.  In the cases I have known, each death door was the souls way of teaching and helping their family or partners learn a soul lesson through their exit.  Usually forgiveness, compassion and love are the lessons.  If you imagine how much growth, reflection, motivation to change or even a new lease of determination it brings when we face these experiences.  This is why a soul who is struggling may agree to take this strategy.

Death and transition have been a prominent feature throughout my Twin Flame awakening.  Breaking the illusion that we are ever apart.  Realising the connection remains even if the soul is no longer embodied on the earthly planes.

Early into my journey,  I was completing an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher training course.  After a meditation I was suddenly overwhelmed by emotion and clairvoyantly saw the back of a woman with angel wing tattoos.  My heart filled with love and she said she needed to go now.  That he was safe now he was with me.  I burst into tears as I knew this was a karmic soulmate of my Twin Flame who had taken a death door.  She had been unable to move on due to the grief he had held, it had kept her earth bound.  I didn’t know what to do and called in the angels to assist in healing and guiding her to the light.  My heart chakra opened and I just felt a rush of intense love throughout my whole chest. The energy in the room changed and it was as if peace surrounded us.  I will never forget that experience.  In helping her in this way, she had also helped me.  It was another initiation towards my future soul work.

Many souls know the awakening process is going to be tough.  It will bring up all the messy stuff trapped inside.  All the broken pieces we’ve held together behind a mask of material success and facades.  Not all souls are willing to go through their awakening to face their shadows and heal.  It means facing the music of how they have hurt, abused, neglected themselves and others.  This takes bravery, courage and strength to survive the up’s and downs.  This is why you will notice over the past few years many people in the public eye have suddenly died.  At soul level they just didn’t want to go through that.

It may also have happened within your own families during your awakening.  At soul level you are all connected and your awakening is a catalyst for others.  My parents both took death doors within a year of me awakening.  It was easier for their souls to leave.  They had become so disconnected from their divine nature they just wouldn’t have had the strength to withstand the shifts ahead of them.

Earlier this year a colleague who was a spiritual entrepreneur and workaholic came into class upset.  The day prior her son let go of a teachers hand and just darted across a busy road into the path of an oncoming car.  The car swerved and missed him by inches.  His soul had decided to take a death door.  He was only 8 years old.  He was also an awakened child.   This shock made her completely re-evaluate her work ethics.  She was shown her lack of presence in the home meant her children weren’t getting their needs met.  She had agreed at soul level to be doing much more in their development and they weren’t getting it from their father who was unawakened.

The warning for Twin Flames comes from their children.  For the past five days I have been receiving a big push to write this message.  It’s very clear.  They just aren’t happy.  They just don’t want to be here anymore.  They are tired and can’t see any other way out.  There is a real sadness here as they too are now at cross roads themselves.  Continue in unsupportive family dynamics that continues to overlook their needs and stifles their soul growth or take action.

They are trying to hold themselves when someone else should be holding them.  In fact they have been holding themselves together whilst the parents wasted years at battle, often with addictions or absent due to workaholism and now throughout the turbulent waters of an awakening.

Some have had to play parents whilst the their own have lost themselves in the depths of their Twin Flame awakening.  Focussing more on not having their counterpart than cracking on with their healing.  Slumping into deeper states of victimisation and wallowing in their pits of self-destruct.  All those times their parents carried on down the path of self-sabotage they chipped away at the souls of those dependent on them.

The kids have had to ride these waves and it’s taken it’s toll.  They are going through their own awakening and need loving, supportive role models for this transition.  Instead they have found parents unknowingly acting out their own childhood wounds of neglect, emotional abuse and narcissism on them!  Some have even suffered being physically lashed out at and swore at by parents who can’t manage their own moods.  Repeating the patterns of generations of toxic abuse in some lineages.  It just wasn’t what they signed up for.

This is where those who have delayed taking action to heal themselves, commit to change or start carrying out their Divine soul contract with or without a counterpart, are getting a swift warning to step up and pay attention.  These children are advanced souls.  They need stable, grounded, consciously awakened home lives, to support them in what will be a more rapid awakening than the Twin Flames have experienced.

The pattern I have seen is many Twin Flames have a period of 15-18 months from meeting and awakening to heal before their Divine Timing kicks in.  Giving them a little time to get used to the new pace of carrying out their Divine Soul contract before the children awaken.  As many haven’t taken their souls guidance, they have become stuck in a rut and now the kids need their help urgently!  The big boot of the universe is stepping in to shake the whole house to bring it into alignment again.  It’s not the fun way to experience this journey!

Many Twin Flames are holding off taking action to create strong future foundations, using Christmas as an excuse.  The only person you are kidding is yourself and at soul level everything is shifting.  Timelines for soul families are being rearranged and we will see this starting to manifest in the physical by the end of 2017 and for the following 18 months.

I have seen instances where one child in the soul family has a death door in the next 6 months for the primary purpose of pushing for a Twin Flame to leave a karmic soulmate.  Allowing the whole family to learn forgiveness and to create a rapid awakening through the soul shock caused by the loss of a child and sibling.  At soul level the whole family know but it’s a different story day to day.  All of this can be avoided if the Twin Flame parent takes action now, it really is that simple.

Some of the children have been energetically holding the space of the family.  They have been absorbing their parents cyclical unbalanced energy and this has manifested in mood changes, behaviours issues, finding it hard to concentrate, acting out at school and in extreme cases diagnosis of ADHD.

For many empaths and highly sensitive children, they are very attuned to their environments.  This means subconsciously they will have poor energetic boundaries, which results in them constantly picking up on everyone else’s up/down energy and mood shifts.  This pulls them into the same swings and can lead them feeling ungrounded and disorientated.  To keep feeling safe and  to regulate the home environment they absorb and take on the pain, emotion, fear and anger from the parents or siblings.  This is also very common for Twin Flames to do exactly the same thing.  It’s a way of trying to energetically balance the family.  However they can’t continue to do this as it’s making them ill and they are acting out due to this.  For all those Twin Flame parents who have put off daily energy clearing.  This is your message and solution.  You are the parent and as part of your soul contract to assist your child’s awakening you need to take responsibility for it.  This means action!

Use the meditations here and set the intention that you clear for your whole family.  They are free and takes next to no time daily.


If you take an honest look at your situation, can you see the warnings and nudges you’re getting to take action or change direction?  What is stopping you?  Is it fear?  Is it denial?  Now is the time truly to face these dragons, whether through your own healing tools or with support.  Don’t put it off!

The call is to take the action now and start creating the strong foundations your children need for this journey.  Before their souls start taking alternative routes.  We are all being called to start grounding the new family and relationship templates into our day to day reality.  Our children and all future generations depend on the constructs of a consciously awakened family being grounded.  It’s what you have agreed to do at soul level.  Your soul is letting you know the starting line gun has been fired and you forgot to get going.  Now is the time to play catch up.

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