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Escaping the karmic entrapment of a karmic soulmate relationship


Karmic relationships seem to be a theme for many Twin Flames.  They have either escaped one or their counterpart is entangled in one.

The karmic soulmate is ultimately a soul we have not been able to complete our lessons with over many lifetimes, so we’ve contracted to go another round to resolve the unfinished business, learn and move forwards with our soul growth.

Now guilt is the key theme that causes souls to remain entangled in these situations.  I have read for many souls who left their karmic soulmates (husbands/wives) many years earlier, sometimes as long as 20 years ago.  They had left their wives and children when the children were young.  Often running to the next person they could find.  Their souls had given them warnings from day one about the relationship not being right but they had just allowed things to progress.  It then got to a boiling point situation where they either stayed and died a slow death inside or jumped ship.  Many who jumped were lured by another karmic soulmate who arrived to give them glimpses of excitement and happiness.  However the Soul contracts and lessons remained open with the ex partner.  As they hadn’t resolved the issues at root, they set themselves up to continue attracting variations of the same partner and lessons over and over till resolved.

The pattern I have seen is that over time the partner who left finds themselves physically separated, perhaps even divorced from the ex.  Yet they live in a holding zone of not being part of the family and not having created a new life for themselves. Guilt is the culprit here.  Guilt for leaving the family, guilt of the hurt caused to the children, guilt of the deceit, guilt of failing to be the parent they wanted to be, guilt of creating a new life and family or fear of how doing so could upset the ex wife and kids.  So they stay in limbo.  Perhaps moving through an array of superficial relationships and perhaps even remarrying but never fully severing the ties of guilt and releasing themselves.

I would like to add what is happening here from a Soul perspective.  The ex wife at soul level agreed to come back and repeat these patterns.  The key theme of the lessons are forgiveness.  Now this would have been learnt earlier on had soul warnings been heard and the relationship ended sooner.  Instead often actions are carried out which force the relationship to end (an affair or some kind of disruption).  It forces the lesson of forgiveness to be learnt by all parties.  Forgiveness is the key to the release of the guilt that binds them.  It isn’t condoning the actions, it’s freeing the pain and karmic binds.  Loving yourself enough to free yourself from the toxic energy.  The soul lesson is learnt.  Breakups bring a lot of soul growth.  This is why we often have a huge expansion after difficulties in life, as we are forced to grow.

The children who were born into these families chose them for their own soul growth.  By being in a family that splits up.  It actually brings to the surface their soul core wound, often abandonment or betrayal to be healed.  Healing this earlier on in their lives helps them not have to attract relationships in their lives who will bring them up for healing later on.

Children of Twin Flames have agreed to have an awakened parent.  This too assists their own soul growth and awakening.  They chose that parent and also the future Twin Flame counterpart as a step parent for the soul growth and lessons it brings to be raised in a consciously awakened family dynamic.  The Twin Flame counterpart coming into their lives is often part of their soul family and has agreed to support and help these souls shine their own lights in the world.  The souls  have chosen to remember who they are whilst young, not waiting till their 30’s or 40’s when they have more karmic baggage to clear.  This is the gift a new family relationship can provide for the children in these situations.  They are literally able to live out new healthy relationship templates whilst growing up, so they too can carry these on when they too have families of their own.

Can you see in this scenario everyone in this situation is being held back and blocked from fully gaining the soul growth they want whilst one person stays in limbo.  It becomes a very unhappy situation for the ex wife and kids.  She can’t move on and meet someone new as her ex husband hasn’t let go of her due to his guilt.  The kids can’t heal their wounds, or be shown a new healthy template of a conscious relationship/family dynamic as one of the parents refuses to create it or belief they deserve it after splitting up the family.  The Twin Flame can’t carry out their Divine Soul contract agreed with her Twin Flame or the children.

I have spoken to Twin Flames who are locked in this situation for over 30 years!  The ‘children’ are adults in their late 20’s by then and the ex wife still calls her ex husband daily.  Holding onto this pseudo marriage without any of the benefits.  Bound together for life by guilt and fear.   This is the holding zone many Twin Flames have found themselves in.

So if you are the Twin Flame counterpart sat hoping, waiting till your counterpart not only leaves the karmic soulmate relationship but is able and ready to commit to creating a new life, you can see the dilemma this poses.  You are being forced to look at your own self love and how deep this goes.  To stay in limbo is not an act of self love, it’s an act of self-sacrifice for the benefit of another.  To stunt your own progression and soul growth limits your ability to shine your light brightly.  Which is how you help and inspire others to do the same.  It’s the opposite of unconditional love for yourself.  You are placing your growth, happiness and life in the hands of something or someone outside of yourself.

So my advice (take what resonates and disregard the rest) is to get really focussed on you.  This is also a lesson to learn unconditional love for your Twin Flame.  No matter what route they take, love them anyway.  That is the core of this relationship.  Love your Twin Flame enough to let your Twin Flame swim in their own soup.  Let them learn their lessons the way they are choosing (it’s their free will).  If they choose to stay in their self-created dungeon, let them.  They are trying to learn their soul lessons the hard way, through suffering.  Let them figure that out themselves.  They were master manifestors to create the mess, so they can just as easily transform it.  They are just as powerful co-creators as you are.  They just haven’t worked out how to align to positively manifesting yet.  It will come in good time.

Pull back your energy from your Twin Flame and feed yourself with all the love, nourishment and care you need.  Focus on going deeper inside and connecting with your soul.  What lessons are you learning and how does staying in limbo serve you?  Get really focussed on what you want in your life and also really focussed on  carrying out your divine purpose.  Align yourself to that and the universe will bring to you everything you need to get you there.  Now this will likely come in the form of new opportunities and new souls.  It’s how we learn and experience ourselves, through our connection with others..  See it as stepping stones as each person brings something new to uncover another layer of self.

I want to add that you don’t have to go through a full blown relationship with someone to learn, complete and close your soul lessons.  A conversation can be all it takes for a lesson to be learnt!  If you can consciously become aware of the lessons, take the action to change and close the lesson in the Akashic records.  You break the ties that bind you energetically.  You are free to move forwards and meet new souls for more learning experiences and adventures.

On my journey the more I healed, balanced my masculine and feminine energies and started living my souls purpose.  I started to be brought more souls to support me.  Some in the form of friends.  Some in the form of compatible soulmates.  I didn’t need to have a romantic relationship with them to gain soul growth.  They were offering me the gift of a mirror, showing me what I was aligned to and how I much I had grown.  I noticed the closer I became to my true soul self, I attracted men who matched this in their relationship with themselves.  I remember a turning point when I came away from another synchronistic meeting and thinking this man speaks the same language as me.  He connected with my soul.  We were already on the same path, had similar experiences and  in some instances had taken the same path.  He was living an awakened Divine Masculine path.  He shared the same vision for carrying out and creating the same things I was working towards.

It was at that point that I realised the universe was giving me a very clear message.  There was so much potential for happiness, joy, connection and soul growth around me.  I realised I had inadvertently been blinded from seeing the gifts brought to me by others as I had only seen the contract between my Twin Flame and I.  I was blocking my own growth and limiting myself.  Not realising another awakened soul, whether a Divine Life partner or awakened soulmate who shared my Divine Timing, could bring the same growth and fulfilment my soul was calling for, if I chose it.  I was also shown that just as I still held unconditional love for my Twin Flame to choose his route and path.  He too would be brought the soul lesson of learning to unconditionally love me.  Regardless of whether I was him or another man, or whether I was in union with him or separated.  Soul growth was gained by all and the stagnant blocking energy was once again in flow.  It was the shift in perspective that once again brought me an expansion in consciousness.

It opened up something else for me.  A deeper connection to the creator.  I knew I was being supported and looked after.  I was being brought lovely new people and I felt love and gratitude for these gifts.  In gratitude, I knew I opened the doors for more opportunities and growth to be brought to me.

I continue to follow my soul, heart and truth to my happiness at all times. This is my map to alignment.  I knew time and time again I had to let go of the outcome.  Know that my soul has a plan.  This is a Divinely guided journey, not one where I was to have my wings clipped and restrained by limitations of others choices.

I knew then that it will all work out in the most divinely perfect way.  I let go of the worry and welcomed in the new, knowing I was just where I needed to be at that time and that I was open to receive gifts from the universe.

If you would like to untangle yourself from a Karmic soulmate situation or are having issues releasing the guilt binding you to a past relationship.  I take you through this process in the Twin Flame Healing Program.  Take a look here for more information.

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