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Escaping past life entanglements


Have you ever felt like your life is going through cycles of the same patterns, losses, betrayal or heartbreak?  Almost like the relationships in your life have been littered with the same people but different clothes, locations and circumstances. Like the same patterns are playing out time and time again?

After I experienced Twin Flame awakening I was rapidly shown that it wasn’t the first time I had danced these dances with the people who had been in my life.  First the past life dreams started almost nightly, showing me the insights, patterns and the outcomes with each person who had been in my life since childhood.  The law of truth kicked in and I was able to see things with a very different perspective.  The veil was lifted and their masks were removed.  My soul was shaking me hard to wake up, take action and stop the speed train which was heading for the same outcomes.  To break free of the same patterns this time around.

It was at this time that I learnt how to access the Akashic records (soul records) for myself and my Twin Flame.  It was a break though period of rapid spiritual growth and I found that I could easily go directly to the specifics of the past life dynamic which was playing out with the same energetic dynamic in my present day life.  I would ask to be shown the truth of the situation and the stream of information would flow, down to detail of streams of decisions made and how my choices had caused me to create the reality I had been living.  Including all the agreements, vows, contracts and specific oaths I had taken often unconsciously which had bound me energetically to those souls and were holding me back from moving forward in my current life.

I learnt a lot about how blaming myself, holding guilt or shame even if something hadn’t been my fault had caused me to unknowingly take on unjustified karma which was playing out in present day as my soul was trying to rectify it.  It made me more conscious not to do things in my present day life out of obligation or guilt.  I had to have conviction to ensure I said no and only do what was right for me in my heart.  Otherwise I would be loading the karma bank again.

I found that a blessing is just as powerful as a curse and that our thoughts are charged weapons.  Thinking negatively creates a huge emotional charge; combine that with anger, jealousy, envy, fear, or trauma and this energetically equates to negative thought forms, anger spears, and at worst, psychic attack directed at a person!  At a soul level mastering our thoughts is a lesson we are here master.  I learnt that even in modern day, those who act from weakness, fear, jealousy and disempowerment may turn to dark arts/black magic as a solution.  Creating a toxic web which they become trapped in for eternity till released.  I was being shown the shadow side of society but the root cause of their reasons for their behaviour.  It was never clear cut and I learnt not to judge and view with detachment.

Across multiple lifetimes we have played all roles as a soul to experience ourselves.  So how could I judge someone’s actions in this lifetime If I as a soul had done exactly the same in a past life myself.  In many instance the souls were trying to learn lessons of power, control or intuition.  These experiences gave me a library to reference and led me to see the shadow aspects of myself and my Twin Flame as one and the same playing out in different ways through different periods.  It led me back to the truth that at core, regardless of all the webs of illusion we have woven, we are all still aspects of the Creator and powerful co-creators in our own reality.  We may have not always made the best decisions and choices but we can always learn and change, take a different path and manifest a new reality whenever we choose.

I learnt that during traumatic events the soul can’t stay within the body, so it literally leaves.  In some instances it literally fragments off causing us to experience soul fragmentation.  This leaves us missing part of our vital life force.  I noticed that in many of my dreams or nightly astral travels I would find myself re-visiting places I had lived, never really understanding why.  My soul had started the search to reclaim it’s missing parts and was leading me there to retrieve them!  I was also being led to do the same for my Twin flame and in doing so was able to close out issues affecting both of us at a soul level, freeing us and healing us from the past.

Once I learnt how to combine Akashic record Soul clearing and soul retrieval I was opened up to the dynamics playing out on my Twin Flame journey and was guided to identify the blocks and restrictions to clear them.  This is ultimately a soul journey and mine was taking me on an adventure I had never imagined I would be experiencing.  Throughout this I learnt about compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love for myself, my Twin and those who had hurt me in my life.  I learnt that the souls who hurt us in our lives do so from their own wounds, fear and unhappiness and that we are empowered to release ourselves from them and from learning our soul lessons through loss, betrayal, pain and suffering.  Opening the door to a new life, new healthy relationships and an opportunity to carry out my Divine Life plan.

This is a wonderful journey of expansion and adventure.  I learnt that there’s no such thing as impossible in this life and we truly do create our own realities.  My adventure has brought me to create the Twin Flame Healing Program to help empower others along their path.  My program contains a section covering Past life road blocks and ad Akashic records clearing where you are taken to the root lifetime that’s negatively playing out, so you can close it out, clear the karma, learn the lessons, dissipate the trapped emotions/trauma and retrieve your soul fragments.  Releasing you from all related karmic ties, entanglements and triads keeping you bound to the current unhealthy situations and people in your present life.  When this gets resolved at soul level the trapped energetic charge is removed and you will find that harmony is brought to the situation.  Offering you the option to move forwards with or without those people in your life.

If you would like support to work through particular issues you are experiencing on your Twin Flame journey, I also offer 121 sessions and coaching packages.  I work multi-dimensionally and provide you with the context and conscious awareness throughout, to help you start to build your own library of knowledge so you can grow and develop.

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