Entertainment or entrainment. Soul lessons in discernment - Pure Light 1111

Entertainment or entrainment. Soul lessons in discernment


Gorgeous souls,

We are all experiencing a mass collective wake up call.  An active soul lesson we all need to fully complete.

The lesson is in discernment.

We are in a bit of a flurry where we are receiving a mix of information from many sources.

Much of the media & news sources especially those marketing to us are utilising all knowledge of psychological manipulation.  Much of what I witness could be described as a confusional induction.  So much nonsense that it bypasses critical factor & we are altered into a light trance state.  Making us open to the messages being streamed.

This is something we must all face, challenge & ultimately snap out of.  See it for what it is & break the spell by not allowing ourselves to be placed in the state desired.

Confusion + fear = Easily programmed

The key theme playing out in the mainstream is to make us fear each other. Is someone vaxed or not vaxed!  Children scared to get near others.  It’s the ultimate last attempt at separation consciousness.

Once we realise we are all interrelated.  We realise that to hurt another is to hurt ourselves.

Our outer world is a reflection of the inner world. We’re bio holograms.

To conquer the outer conflict, war & separation we have to clean up what we carry inside including the judgements of ancestors & mutation of dna from off world conflicts!

If we desire harmony we must start choosing joy as a default state.  A number one priority.  As this leads us away from the struggle, lack & separation.

As you can see from this pic from the news.  So much illusion is being streamed to us.

Are you ready to break away from being programmable?

This is part of our journey to sovereignty.

When we allow ourselves to be programmed by paying attention to the lies.  We provide our consent.

No source of manipulation ever breaks free will.  Your focus & attention is all that’s needed!

Allera xx

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