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Energy bleeds and your business


I would like you to take 10 mins out of your day to really digest this post. Reflect where this may be affecting you & most importantly taking action to change things.

January is coming to a close & already we have set off this year with fierce winds in our sails. The energy is pushing us with force. An accelerating assistant always right behind us pushing us to keep our eye on the ball and not to give up.

I am feeling the end of this season coming to a close & a real desire for the ‘new’ once again. It’s also manifested in my home life. I’m being called to start the spring clean & it’s not only the household clutter that’s calling. It’s driving me to take a good look at each and every area of my life. Where am i allowing energy bleeds & how are each of them affecting my flow of energy, money & opportunities from entering my life.

We must create energetic space and physical space within us, our lives & routines in order to bring in the ‘new’.

As I have shifted so much internally by definition everything I have done up to this point is no longer in alignment with my next stage and goal. This is the same for us all within our personal life and business.

Your business is an energetic entity connected to you. As you change you will also have to adjust things in your business to remain in alignment.

If you want to upgrade you have to change what you are doing to align to it. This means if you want to attract in a new partner or to grow your business you need to dig into your own glass ceilings, clear the energetic blocks and start doing things differently. You align to your desire through conscious action.

So what are energy bleeds? Take a look at your business & how often you spend surfing social media or constantly checking your emails. Then look at how much of this time, attention & energy equates to incoming sales & revenue or whether you have found yourself in a cycle of being a slave to your inbox. Set a dedicated time in the day to read and reply to mails and set boundaries on when you stop replying. It may mean setting a social media shut down or adding in one weekend a month digital detox. So you become more efficient with your time and define the often blurred lines between personal and work life.

The question is what is the output of the energy you are expending? What is the visible gain? If it’s not adding value (aligned to your purpose/goals, money, new clients, feedback, ideas to new strategy/goals or is raising your profile) then you need to consider this as an energy bleed. By switching these often subconscious patterns of self sabotage, procrastination and old ways of doing things you will be able to manifest a new outcome, fresh energy and ideas. Doing something simple like setting some time boundaries will quickly free up your energy as well.

Are you agreeing to things which fit others agenda and desires but actually are a time & energy drain for you? Leaving you feeling resentful trying to complete extra tasks in the name of ‘helping’ someone else yet they take you away from your path. This is very common for coaches and healers as I often see that they often overlook the prep time, travel & general personal energy needed to be on top form to hold space for others. Leading to burn out. Learning to set healthy boundaries & say no without guilt is a test throughout.

Are you trying to do everything yourself? This is common as often in business people start out alone. Yet down the line this can be a huge block to growth. Delegate what you can to free up your energy to focus on the what you do and enjoy most. This is an easy and quick win.

Are you being influenced by doubters in your life? Throughout the spiritual journey as we evolve we will naturally come out of resonance with people. There’s no judgement with this as we are all on our own journey at the pace that works for us. We will be called to look at those in our lives who are radiators or drains & start to really get clear on who you allow into your daily life. If you allow yourself to be surrounded by people who drain your energy. Whether that be time, money or they just like staying in a victim or lack consciousness. You will find yourself pulled to their level whilst around you. They have free will choice and are powerful co-creators. So if they wanted things to change they have the choice to take action.

The trap I see is when clients haven’t healed the rescuer dynamic within themselves. So they expend a lot of energy trying to fix and rescue those around them when the individuals themselves aren’t actually taking responsibility for their own lives. So they run around in circles constantly catching people before they fall & trying to find all solutions for them & often going over and beyond to support them. What they have missed is that in behaving like this they are stealing the opportunity for soul growth from these people. We grow and complete soul lessons when we realise the power of our choices and consequences. We decide that we are worthy of love and a better life when we hit rock bottom. It’s from this fall that inner strength, determination & inner faith is found. Often this is also the start of someone’s spiritual awakening. To go around rescuing someone sends a message that they can’t do it themselves. It steals the gift of growth & self-realisation from them regardless how well-meaning you may be.

Most importantly when we’re not spread too thin & we have space. We can relax more, things start to flow & we find more joy in our experiences. It’s from this place that we magnetise our desires and opportunities to us. If there’s no space in your life as you’re overwhelmed and busy. There’s no room for the ‘new’ to be received!

I will be covering the topic of energy hygiene, boundaries & energy bleeds in my upcoming group healing call- Spiritual Self Care Sunday!

The first session will be focussed on Self care for highly sensitive individuals & empaths.

Date: Sunday 17th February 19.

Time: 2-3:30pm London time

If you would like to join- book your tickets here:

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What it will include:

– 1.5 hour Zoom live session
– Powerful group energy healing session
– Tips & tools- Energy hygiene tools and practices
– Meditation
– Conscious goal setting

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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