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Empowered Psychic Protection (not from a place of victim)!


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

As we have all experienced over the past few weeks collective change has grown rapidly!

On a micro to macro level we are all holographically connected to the mass consciousness fields.

We’re also accessing multiple different playgrounds through Instagram, social media habits & not to mention who our partners & friends connect us into.

We are energetic beings & are being asked to step up our awareness & abilities to hold sovereign boundaries.

Join us on 29th/30th March for the

Empowered Psychic Protection Group Intensive!

We will go deep into actually explaining so much of the myth, b/s & fear based teachings that hold you in victim when you come up against energetic interference & psychic attack.

It’s not saying these things aren’t real…they are!

Yet I want to shift the script, context & give you a deep dive on these elements so you have a new encyclopaedia of reference.  A new language too as so much of this actually create portals of access!

When you can identify at root what you have done to create something, know how certain energies operate.  You have a completely different approach to not getting caught up in story/drama & having the right tools to work with!


Payment plans available- email me on corlight11@outlook.com

Allera xx

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