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Empaths, highly sensitive people & those on the Twin Flame journey


As someone who was born highly empathetic and sensitive to everything around me, Twin Flame awakening ramped up the dial without warning!

I was always able to ‘read’ a room.  If someone said they were ‘ok’.  I knew the truth, I felt the deep sadness their heart carried as though it was my own. I was attuned to the slightest change in atmosphere.  On nights out I could sense when the energies were turning sour and swiftly vacate before drunken arguments started.  This was all the norm for me.

Twin Flame awakening blew my senses into multi-dimensional realms.  I would walk into buildings and ‘read’ the energetic imprint of what had happened there.  I became aware of the energy of the many signs and symbols that make up the landscape of our lives.  I could feel and read the thought forms that people held or directed my way!  I realised our thoughts can be just a violent as a physical assault.  Anger and jealousy cutting deeply like a knife, leaving my nerves frayed.  I realised everything has a vibration and I could feel it!

This quick learning was for a reason.  It rapidly grew my library of reference.  I could decipher the truth in situations with accuracy, as I now had a deep knowledge base to refer to.

At times it could mean sensory overload but I used this to my advantage.  I was getting a clear message of who I could and couldn’t spend time with.  I was shifting my vibration and could no longer be around those who spoke negatively, their words, the gossip, the moaning, affected how I felt.  Spending time with them left me feeling like a deflated balloon.  This meant the end of many friendships and even leaving the initial spiritual groups I’d joined, when I realised underneath it all, jealousy and fear reigned strongly.  The veneer of love & light hid the wounded shadows they feared facing in themselves.  I was being shown to ‘feel’ the truth behind many illusions in my life.  Most importantly, I was being taught to trust myself above all else.

I have always been a girl of action.  If something didn’t feel right, I have never been able to just accept, shut up & put up.  It’s just not in my nature.  This has meant I often made decisions, which in reflection have been like jumping between islands across shark infested water.  Knowing I had to move forwards and follow my heart.  Once I have awareness, I have to take action.

I wanted to write this to all of those out there who are struggling with their energetic sensitivity.  Not knowing what’s going on and even isolating themselves from the newly felt harshness in the world.  There are solutions and I am proof that you can ride these waves with a few changes to your routines.

Action is empowering and simple changes make a big impact.
Here’s some suggestions of things I do:

  • Twice daily Energy Clearing – morning & before bed.Why twice?  On my journey I found that where the nightly sleep adventures took me into shadow healing, I could be plunged into fear. Waking with anxiety, confusion and even entity attachments.  First thing in the morning Energy Clearing sorts this out.

    Use the ‘Weekly Akashic record clearing meditation’ in the morning then the ‘Strong foundations energy clearing meditation’ before bed.

  • Space clearing.  Use sage to smudge.  Smudge around you & your home after you have experienced any emotional shifts- arguments/crying.  It neutralises negative ions in the atmosphere, has anti bacterial  properties and will shift the heaviness in a room.
  • Epsom salt baths with rose oil.  Plus add some rose quartz stones to the tub (you can buy 1kg off Amazon for about £10)! This helps to clear your etheric field (1inch off your skin) and rebalances you.  Literally washing away the day.  If you don’t have a bath, dissolve the Epsom salts in a jug of warm water & use as a rinse over your body after you have washed.
  • Grounding in nature.  I used to spend my lunchtimes in a City garden, take my shoes off & just connect back to the earth.  I have found being close to plants, greenery & flowers helps me rebalance if I have been in an intense environment.  Many of us get over stimulated daily with phones, computers, radio masts that we can feel pulled off course by the electronics.
  • Switch off wifi at night in your home & all computers/electronics.  Switch your mobile phone off and keep it outside the bedroom.  You will sleep better.
  • If I am going through an energy ‘upgrade’ I will go to bed with small black tourmaline stones under my pillow.  I’ll often fall asleep holding them.  I find they have a really grounding effect.  Meaning the energy shifts are integrated quicker, so I have no interruptions in my daily life.
  • Belief work.  Much of the backlash from this awakening is due to the fact it shows up, without mercy, anywhere you need to work on boundaries.  Not just physical boundaries but your energetic boundaries.  Many of those on the awakening path have experienced childhood trauma.  These experiences can increase our alert systems meaning we extend our energy body out into the area we are in to ‘read’ and feel for danger.  This served us during the original time period but the danger is now over.  Extending your energy field like this means you will not only pick up on everything around you energetically.  It also means you are crossing the energetic boundaries of all those people around you too.  This is all at a subconscious level but you will feel this invokes a reaction- imagine someone being an inch from your face.  It’s going to push your buttons.  Well this is essentially what you are doing energetically.  This can be resolved through belief work and trauma release.  Meaning you can start having more control over your energy field and boundaries.  So you won’t get triggered as often.  I take you through clearing all of this within the Twin Flame Healing Program.

I wrote the Twin Flame Healing Program to give a resource to others on the path.  I used these tools, cleared all the beliefs, fought the shadows, healed the wounds, and learnt how to ride the new dragon I was being initiated on.  So I could get out and help others do the same.

We are having an embodied soul experience on earth..  So we need to be able to get out and live and relish it.  Shine our lights bright and be an inspiration for others.  Not hiding at home frazzled by the bright lights, negativity and overwhelm.

As with everything in your life, you have a choice.  Take action to start doing something different to create a new result. Or make the choice to do nothing. Which is actually a choice in itself.

For more information about the program, click here.

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