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Effortless manifestation

This week my manifestation has been effortlessly off the charts!

Earlier this week I channeled Hermes (also known as Thoth the Atlantean & woven through Ancient Egyptian times too)!  He is a familiar energy & one I have encountered in past lives too.

I was shown myself in white robes & he was too.  The energy is familiar, kind, caring, protective, strong and humorous!  Yes – I have some banter with him!

He gifted me with a gatekeeper crystal with the freedom codes into my field for no other reason than as a blessing.  Saying it’s nice for us to be treated sometimes!

I honestly palpably feel the love these beings have for me & it’s often been their presence that has kept me going when times were tough.

As you will know I have been called to do specific sacred site activations specifically to bring through through codes to create a new wealth template for women.  Allowing the frequencies of the Wealthy High Priestess to be grounded.

On the second activation on 26th Dec 19, I was asked to deactivate the deviation & black magick connecting a series of obelisks globally.  Clear the lay lines & pull down the dark grids holding the networks in place.

It was that day I also visited the Tutankhamen exhibition.  I then channeled his energy & cleopatras’ bringing in frequencies of child leadership.  As we have many starseed children on this planet who need acceptance of their wisdom regardless of age.

I have strong soul connections with Queen Nefertiti & she also brought through wisdom & energies to support feminine spiritual leadership.

After attending the exhibition I thought to myself I would love some of the beautiful jewellery on show & one day I will own some. As a soul with strong connections to ancient Egypt it feels very much in resonance.

Today whilst walking out of Hampstead Heath.  Instead of heading to the tube I was drawn across the road to what was a charity shop I’d never noticed before.  I saw her straight away…a statue of Nefertiti & knew it was no coincidence. Inside I asked the shop owner about the history of the piece & who had brought it in.  She told me an elderly woman was moving abroad & could not take all her belongings.  She had brought in a number of antique pieces all of which had been sold.

I wandered around the shop and was drawn to a rack with lots of necklaces & it was here I found the scarab beetle necklace.

I purchased both for £28!  True gifts.

I am so excited to be able to share these activations with you all in my upcoming 6 week group immersion program.  I am still going through the integration & embodiment stage & once complete will pull everything together.

I have created a pre launch list for those who want to secure a spot as this will be a closed group & limited spaces as we create the sacred container of transformation.

If you would like to be added to the list.  Send me your email address!

Sending you all love & abundant blessings!


Allera xx


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