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Eco Choices


How aware are you of the small choices you make daily that impact not only the environment but also your pocket?

This awakening journey of stepping into our true soul power also calls for us to recognise our joint soul contract to assist in the healing and preservation of Mother Earth.

What many haven’t yet connected is that you are part of source just as the Earth is.  We are all connected energetically through a matrix of grids to the Earth.  So when mother Gaia shifts so do we.  On many levels.  Not only is she raising her vibration, the heart beat of the Earth is becoming quicker.  It’s bringing up the layers of abuse, trauma & constant cycles of taking from her but not replenishing, nurturing and protecting.

I have written before about Twin Flames having a commitment to assist the Earths evolution through their own consciousness shifts.  Creating the next templates by healing their own distortions and making the changes in their lives to walk the walk and talk the talk.  How else can we educate the next generation of souls in how to care for our planet if we aren’t doing our part now?

I am always evolving and part of that is by constantly questioning and consciously looking at what I do daily and why.  How I am living my life and whether each action is aligned to my true authentic soul self.  It’s how I grow.

Part of what I have dug deeper into recently is consumption, chemicals in the home and my eco impact around waste.

I realise I no longer want any connection to consuming things that don’t align with me & are damaging the planet.  I have researched brands to select only those who fit with my ethos.  As consumers we have a huge amount of power to help the planet as we live in a supply & demand society.  If you want change, a big way to influence is through what you spend your money on.

I am already vegan and buy organic most of the time where it’s available.  This has been my way of life for a number of years.  Yet I knew I could go deeper.  I’m fully aware of the negative effects of chemicals in the home & how this affects the endocrine system & imbalances our hormones.  So my products where mostly organic or natural but I knew there we’re other products out there which perform better and have taken steps forward perhaps in using recycled packaging and more sustainable resourcing of ingredients.  So I knew there was always room for improvement.

I have gone through all bathroom products, kitchen products & my make up bag for a big review.  A commitment to only use products which are not tested on animals & are natural, organic & vegan where possible.  So many great brands are stepping up & this shift has been easier than it was a few years ago.  I can now find a lot of what I want in Sainsbury’s rather than a health food store for home essentials.

As I want to share ideas and get others more consciously aware of their choices, I regularly share my new ‘finds’ on my Instagram page. It ranges from aluminium free deodorants that actually work to organic baby products.

I’m also not suggesting you have to give up your beauty routine.  My perspective is that our beauty routine is often the only time women touch their bodies & show it loving affection.  So I’m all for keeping that going.  So shifting to an organic fake tan, chemical free nail polish & vegan mascara that looks great are exactly the things I am sharing.

These are the small changes I made in the past month that along the way have a big impact.

1: I invested in a stainless steel straw which is now permanent resident in my handbag.  No more plastic straws for me.

2: I bought 2x drink flasks that I can take a herbal tea, coffee or water in my handbag each day. 

I realised that 2x coffees a day for a month = 60 coffee cups and lids going to a landfill somewhere.

I bought around 10 plastic bottles of water each month often at the gym as I forgot to bring my own.  So more waste.

By switching to the flasks it meant I drank less water from plastic bottles which affects our hormones & endocrine system.  I also bought an extra Brita filter jug for my desk to make sure I can always get filtered water.

So I stopped contributing by being more aware and getting more organised.  It also saved me £170 in a month from not buying coffee and drinks on the go!

3: Snacks on the go.  I realised it’s london life and being that we are in a mindset that we pay for convenience.  This includes those extra snacks to keep me going between meals.  I will normally go for a vegan bar of some sort which will also come in a wrapper so more rubbish.  So I just got organised & made a big batch of energy balls & smoothie boxes which I stored in the freezer.  Which could be taken out & blended each morning. So more nutrients to for me & less waste for the planet.  Plus saved me around £30 over the month.

4: The plastic bag challenge.  I set myself the challenge to not buy any more plastic bags over the month.  Like most people I had a huge stash in the kitchen but never remembered to take them with me.  Plastic bags literally just end up in landfills destroying the Earth.  So I put a couple in every handbag and gym bag.  Whilst shopping I can often be on auto pilot.  I found getting them out and putting them in the basket when I get into the store helped remind me.  Otherwise I’d often remember too late.

5: I stopped buying anti bac wipes.  Even though you can get eco friendly biodegradable ones I still feel they are most likely ending up in our water systems.  I bought new cloths for the kitchen & bathroom & also ones for multi purpose use from Sainsbury’s that remove 99% of bacteria due to special micro fibres.  So no more waste & no more using excess chemicals.  The household products I do use are by Ecover & Method.  The cloths are by  e-cloth and Spontex & can be machine washed.

6: I appreciate that there will be some times  that I do buy a drink on the go.  I am realistic but I also feel committed to changing the way I live and impact the planet.  So all of our little choices do add up.  I bought 2 collapsible coffee/drink cups that I keep in my handbag or on my desk.  You will also find that many coffee shops will give you a discount on your drink if you bring your own cup.

7: Swapping my nail varnishes to an even more ‘clean’ vegan range.  Check out Zoya which are great but if you want the brand which has removed 12 top chemicals added to these products try the brand Nailberry.  They sell on Amazon & have lots of gorgeous colours.

8: Our skin is the largest organ of the body & will absorb whatever lotions & potions we put on it into our systems.  Perfumes are in most cases not cruelty free but are also full of chemicals.  Yet who doesn’t love spritzing themselves in their favourite scent each day.  For me it’s part of my morning ritual.  Yet I committed I was getting rid of the chemicals & also not using brands who test on animals, which a lot of the designer perfume brands do.  Check out the PETA website for the most recent list.  I was over the moon when I discovered this place … They produce natural, vegan, chemical free versions of your favourite scents.  You can go to their website & put in the name of your current perfume & it will show you their equivalent.  So I gave my remaining perfumes away and replaced with 2 x 50ml bottled from here which cost me £40 in total!  That is 2/3 cheaper than one bottle of my old perfume.  You can also take the bottle in to be refilled & they give you £5 off your next purchase!

9: Stock up on recycling bags so you never run out.  Call your council & ask for these bags if you’re not already being given them.  We all pay enough in council tax and all local areas have a recycling initiative so they should send to you.  Get your kids involved in the recycling process at home.  Help them understand what happens to the packaging and the impact of plastic vs paper for example.  Also teach them to read packaging labels so they not only understand what’s in a product but also the details of what it’s been package in. Help raise their awareness.

So these are a few choices I decided to get honest with myself about & do something about changing them.  It’s not about Big Bang changes it’s about making small shifts and building on them.  It’s a change in the way you think and do things & releasing and old habit.  It also takes about 30 days to fully integrate a new routine so take each day as it comes & be conscious!

I hope this inspired some of you to take a look at what things could be changed in your life that will help mother Gaia heal!

Love and blessings

Allera xx

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