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Divine Timing


Before reading this blog post grab a pen and paper.  Along the way I ask that you jot whatever comes to mind.  Any images, fears, anxieties.  Also log anything that negative voice in your head (who shares doubts ) decides to pipe up with.  Let’s capture this energy swirl and clear it for good!

After reading this blog, listen to the Weekly Akashic record clearing and ask that all fears, programs, doubts, illusions and blocks to Divine Timing are cleared and dissipated across all time, space, dimensions and incarnations.  For the highest good of all.


So what is Divine Timing?  I see a lot of posts with people banding about that things will happen in Divine Timing.  As though it’s a mystery period of a time that we sit and wait for.  Mysterious, elusive and unknown.  The energy of the people writing this is stagnant.  They are taking a passive approach to life.  Not recognising their co creative powers lie in action.

Divine Timings are periods of time agreed before incarnation, when you will do something (notice I said ‘do’ that means action).  Divine Timing is not as many believe just when you unite with a soulmate or a Twin Flame.  Divine Timing is the period of time you have agreed to fulfil a Divine Soul contract to carry out something of purpose.  This could be to save a life, birth a child, carry out your life purpose, teach a lesson to a soul who goes on the help people, the list really is endless.

We may also have many Divine timings in each life time.  I have 5 this time round.  My first was aged 10 when I saved my brother from being hit by a car.  I ran into the road and grabbed him just in time.  This was a Divine Timing I pre agreed.

I am now on my second Divine Timing.  Part of my Divine Soul contract is to heal and awaken other souls to their own Divinity.  Twin Flames, mothers and children are a key focus of that, as I will be helping the future generations through my work.  How I choose to do this is my own creative license.

Now none of this is a mystery.  I knew from my work in the Akashic records when my Divine Timing dates were and a bit about what I’d agreed to do.  This is available to everyone if they want it.  There was certainly nothing passive about the lead up to my Divine Timing.  It was all action, guidance, more action, to bring me into alignment with the dates.  This is the most opportune time for my soul to carry out this contract and when we work with the timelines we’ve agreed, all the support is brought to us and doors opened.

To bring myself into alignment with my Divine Timing meant A LOT of healing.  I had to clear all my pieces and my Twin Flames as everything was brought up out of the recesses to be faced.  All fears of past missions and failures.  All fears of not completing my Divine Timing.  Fears of letting down myself, the creator and all the souls I’d agreed to help.  It all comes up to shine light on.  Heal, grow stronger and move forwards.  The piece I trusted, is that all will come together as it should.  This is a soul lesson of trust and a challenging one at that!

Divine mission or the Divine soul contract isn’t meant to be carried out alone.  When you are carrying it out, creating it, living it.  You are naturally raising your soul vibration.  This means you become in alignment with a soul counterpart of equal of higher soul vibration (consciousness awareness).  Now this ideally would be your Twin Flame (it’s what you’ve pre agreed).  In fact the whole soul family is aligned to the Twin Flames divine timing period.  They too are dependent on it as it’s the stepping stone for their own support structure and growth.  In the case of the awakening children of Twin Flames, they need to be in an environment of consciously aware parents to thrive.  It’s why they chose their Twin Flame parent/step parents in this lifetime.

So this is where things get challenging for all involved.  These timing windows don’t stay open forever.  If the Twin Flame counterpart doesn’t step forward, another soul (usually from the same soul group, so not part of the soul family) will be brought forward to fulfil the Divine Soul contract instead.  This is a Divine Life partner.  They share the same Divine Timing (so won’t block or restrict the Twin Flame in their mission).  They are also contracted to grow with them (not a short term lesson learnt and leave scenario).  In many cases they are also of a higher soul vibration than the Twin Flame so this allows support for the additional growth that occurs along the path of carrying out your life plan.

Divine Timings are also when we agree to have a child.  The woman holds this contract and has agreed to be a portal of creation.  Bringing a soul the opportunity to transition from the spiritual planes to the physical.  For Twin Flames these children are old souls who are also part of their soul family.  Deeply connected already.  They have shared many incarnations with the Twin Flames already and the present day children have been their siblings in many past lives.  All coming back together to help each other grow.

Now these souls have chosen Twin Flames as parents, as to be conceived from this union is to be created by unconditional love.  This is the highest vibrational  expression of love and every soul wants this!  There is however always flexibility built into these contracts.  This means the soul could be born by a different biological father if timings don’t align with the Twin Flame Masculine counterpart.

Many of the Twin Flame Divine Feminine are stuck in a holding zone at the moment, waiting for their Twin Flame to join them.  Blocking opportunities of other men to support them on their path.  This is also limiting much needed soul lessons being mastered.  Many are on path and also have upcoming Divine Timings to birth children.  This is a huge, heart wrenching dilemma.  Their souls desperately want to unite with their Twin Flame and soul family.   Yet it’s not manifested in the physical plane.  There is also a huge pull to be a mother.  Something for many they just aren’t willing to forgo.

At this point we have to know that everything is agreed at the soul level for the highest good of all.  If a baby is going to be born, it’s going to be born.  Now it won’t be on our timing.  It’s all on their timing.  This means you’ll have to erase the 1 year to get to know each other period followed by a year of marriage and white picket fence from your mind!  This is not part of a soul plan.  My experience of Divine Timings is you can plan to a point but leave the details to the creator.

It may mean a Divine Life Partner comes into your life, he’s on the same page, ready, wants the same things and a quick whirlwind romance results in a pregnancy.  Is there anything wrong with this, no.  Is this betraying the Twin Flame who didn’t step forward to fulfil his Divine Soul contract or contract to parent this child, no.  At soul level your Twin Flame counterpart knew and agreed to it.  They had their windows of opportunity and didn’t take them.  This was their free will choice of whether to join the show and create or not.  This child brings a huge amount of soul lessons and growth for the mother so the contract was carried out.

As Twin Flames are one soul in two bodies.  They are never truly separate from their counterpart.  They can always feel, sense and know energetically what is happening with their Twin.  So throughout the Twins pregnancy whether it is conceived by the Divine Masculine Twin or another man, there will be an awareness and connection with the new soul being brought into the world.  Some men I have spoken to can sense the babies heartbeat and feel it’s movements through their connection to their Twin.  This new soul is part of their soul family and there will always be a deep parental bond regardless of the biological roots.  At soul level for the whole soul family they will learn lessons of compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love through this scenario.

It is very much a sliding doors situation.  To play or not to play.  Nothing stands still or waits truly.  The soul will create new ways to learn.  There are many different ways we can allow our Divine Timings to unfold.  As you can see we all have a choice to take action throughout.

From connections with many Twin Flames, men and women.  I’m seeing a theme.  These unborn children are making themselves known as the upcoming divine timing looms. The souls are connecting in dreams, visions, even telepathically communicating.  They are yearning to join their soul family on the earth planes.  To bring a child into a consciously awake family brings soul growth for everyone.  Patience, compassion, gratitude, joy and unconditional love.  These children are born open hearted and many radiate an aura of love.  They are natural born healers and aren’t coming in with the heavy karmic load the rest of the family chose.  Their presence is again to help lift the vibration of the soul family.

Everyone involved (even the ex karmic soulmates) are aware at soul level of the new family to be created.  Now this is where you might be surprised.  Even the ex karmic soulmate depends on the evolution of the ex Twin Flame partner and their children.  In the next 3-18 months there will be rapid growth, shifts and awakenings happening in these families.  Twins will be letting go of their karmic partners and pulled towards creating new lives for themselves.  They are not in alignment with the old construct of relationships and won’t be able to be in those kinds of situations. Their souls are pulling them to set new foundations, whether in Twin Flame union or alone.  To create a family and home environment where they can hold the higher vibration they must stay at.  This means minus all the negativity, drama, chaos, arguments and unhappiness.  They just won’t be able to tolerate those environments anymore.

There are reasons for this grounding and new home foundations.  Firstly many will be in Twin Flame union and birthing new souls (if part of what they have agreed in this lifetime).

Secondly they are creating new family and relationship templates for society.  New templates of consciously aware parenting.  This needs time to be bedded down.

Thirdly, now this is interesting.  As the Twin Flames children with ex karmic soulmates have been awakening, they too become out of alignment with the karmic parent and low vibrational home environment.  This means for many there will be natural shifts as home frictions will cause one of two things.  A lot of growth as the karmic parent is challenged to learn soul lessons of patience, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and power (not through force).  However, if this doesn’t occur it’s likely custody agreements and living arrangements will be revised.  This may mean children choose to live with the awakened parent in the new home environment that they are more vibrationally aligned with.  There’s no templates here.  It’s all new ground.  It could mean teenagers coming to live in new homes with toddlers.  More evenly split custody agreements negotiated to offer balance around how much time is spent between the both parents.  The souls and the creator will make the shifts to support what is best for everyone involved.

So how does this benefit the karmic ex partners.  By having to let go of control, potentially losing some of their custody rights (in particular where children were used as pawns as a way to punish the ex).  Plus the toll felt by living with the regular triggers caused by high vibration awakened children.  They are themselves are triggered into deep soul growth.  Often meaning being plunged into dark night of the soul.  It causes the start of their own journey of awakening.  Causing them to start to face their inner shadows, demons and getting to know themselves.  Face the fact that they created the situation they are in and can heal, grow and evolve from it.  Sometimes things have to shatter around us in order for us to let things go and build something new.

We at soul level are all connected.  This journey no matter how many highs and lows helps everyone even though it may not seem like that on the surface.

Can you see how restricting and limiting ourselves in the present out of fear restricts the miracles around us from unravelling!

So go clear everything you’ve jotted down on your list now!

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If you want to know when your Divine Timing is and what you have agreed to do in this lifetime I have included meditations in the Twin Flame Healing Program which help you do just that!


Love and blessings

Allera xx

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