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Divine Soul Blueprint Clearing: Awakened Child Program – For Families


Hi Everyone,

As you will have seen from my recent posts. I’m being guided to bring through a new body of work specifically helping women, sensitive children, spirit babies and families!
For years I have been working with clients heal and transform from deep seated issues playing out at soul level.  Leaving them in cycles of disruptive patterns & relationships, negative habits, issues in setting boundaries, unable to manage energetic boundaries & feeling overwhelm at day to day life.

I have worked with those going through spiritual awakenings and struggling to ground their emerging psychic gifts.  As well as those on the Twin Flame path who are being called to walk the deep soul healing journey by integrating multiple past lives that are manifesting in hot/cold triggering & acting out behaviour in present day.

The key piece here is that all of these issues started either in childhood, were handed down through the ancestral line or have a root trauma at past life level that is still open & unresolved so is causing the present day discord in these people’s lives.

When there is a traumatic event the soul will often create a belief which imprints on their system as it’s a limited perspective of whatever caused the trauma.  This gets wired into us at soul level, dna & within our energy fields.  Meaning until this is resolved, it will continue to attract people, experiences & often re-enactments of the trauma into a persons life.  These low vibrations will often have entities attached (some past & some present life related).  Which add to the chaos.

When we are caught up in the struggle of a looping pattern keeping us locked & limited in being able to expand past old traumas and experiences (some of which aren’t even ours they are ancestral)!  We become stuck.  Unable to step out of an old restricted cage.  Which means we can’t align to our Divine Soul Blueprint and ultimately our true purpose.

The current wave of adults are waking up & realising they must break free from the chains of the past.

Yet we also need to think about the next generation of children.  These new souls being born into the planet aren’t wanting to take on the old baggage their parents inherited.  They also aren’t wanting to spend decades playing out old looping patterns.  They want to be able to transcend the old way of learning through clearing ancestral trauma. They want to remain more psychically open, grounded & heart centred so they can more easily fulfil their purpose on Earth.

This is why I have been guided to create a new Divine Soul Blueprint Clearing- Awakened Child Program- For Families.  As this provides a soul clearing to remove a lot of the baggage before it starts to manifest and limit your child’s experience.  I also do a soul realignment for the whole family (parents & one child) within this to help elevate everyone!  Additional children can be added to this package.

This is also especially helpful for empathetic, highly sensitive & psychic children.  As I can not only assist energetically to help whatever Is playing out presently.  I can explain to the parents how they can support these children & their specific needs.

I will help you understand who your child is at soul level (through the Akashic records) & what energy centres they use most strongly.  As this will help you better understand how you can create opportunities & support for your child to bring these more into light.  The more we align to these gifts the more we can align more fully to our purpose & Divine Soul Blueprint.

As children as very high vibrational light they can easily be affected by negative entities and many environmental factors.  As part of the soul realignment I will clear any interference for the whole family.  Plus include a basic property clearing to remove lower energies affecting the home.

There’s much more included in this session!

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