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Divine Feminine: The catalyst

not all storms

Over the past few years I have observed the pattern in my life, a soul assigned role I have taken on.  That of the catalyst.

Whether it’s my energy field, my words, my touch or just my presence.  It’s had an effect on every man who has come into my life.

It’s been the catalyst for their rapid spiritual awakening!

For those in the Twin Flame community many are stuck waiting for their counterparts to awaken.  Like it’s a magic wand scenario where somehow the blanket of 3d consciousness is lifted, souls align and you skip straight into harmonious union.  It’s far from it.

From experience it’s your conscious decision to choose your own healing and path that activates their counterparts souls into action.  Not holding back your own soul growth by waiting.

This pattern of the catalyst also manifested into my business.  Until a year ago over 50% of my clients were men.

From my personal experiences and working with male clients it’s one of the most frightening experiences they have been through.  The grounded rug of their known reality is swiftly pulled from beneath them.  Then find themselves entering the new expansiveness of the different planes of existence.  Grasping the old understanding of physical form and the new expansiveness that is now enveloping them.

The running theme is fear.  You see at that part of the awakening the initiation is to trust, find inner safety and knowing when all around you is not only changing.  Nothing is as it seems.

An awakened women who has activated the womb matrix is a catalyst and activator.  She holds the codes and frequencies within her field.

To walk this path is to make the commitment to face and release all in her path to integrating her true authentic self.  The trauma, the abuse, the illusions and projections.  She must take full control of her thoughts, energy field, boundaries and call back all the power she has given away.  She must hunt her own fears as these are the weaknesses and chinks in her energetic armour.  It’s from these unresolved energies that she will manifest wild chaos and the lower vibrational entities that feed on them.

A woman with an activated womb matrix becomes a magnet.  She will literally pull to her not only what she desires when aligned. She will attract to her chaos if she doesn’t heal the inner pieces she avoids.  There really is no hiding or going back!

Men holding the inactivated divine masculine  codes on the planet seek the vibration of the awakened woman.  Unconsciously of course!

An awakened woman who has done her deep shadow work has a vibrant and highly magnetic energy field.  They are drawn to it. Their ego mind tries to compute this exotic being who has been brought into their lives.

Yet this woman isn’t just like standing too close to the fire.  As he allows his field to become close to hers even only through conversation.  It’s like standing next to a gas explosion.  He can’t run from it.  It was too quick.  He’s left stunned and in soul shock at what just happened.

And so his initiation into his spiritual awakening commences…as his soul kicks in and decides what piece of unfinished business can be brought up for healing first!

This has happened time and time again for me.  It’s like an initiation of whether someone is a match for sacred marriage.  The soul will push with intensity to assist them in raising their vibration rapidly.  To be with an awakened women brings a lot of potential soul growth.  Yet the 3d ego mind will not have grasped that concept all the time.

For others it’s brought on deep clearings of unfinished business straight away.  Such as the grief and karma from the fall of Atlantis as the first thing to resolve!!  Given this is the densest piece of karma held by about 60% of the people on the planet presently…this is huge!  A soul wishing to be in sacred union with another will literally pull everything up that is in the way to take that window of opportunity.

You then have the choice to travel the initiation of clearing these pieces together, speaking from vulnerability and truth from day one.  It’s about nothing being hidden.  No avoidance.  Complete honesty as you start to build the container together.

This means owning your own shit and recognising when you and your partner are being triggered.  So that it doesn’t come from a place of reaction and conclusion that the issue is from the now time present- I would say it’s highly likely to be from eons ago!  Past life trauma has always arisen swiftly in my experience and I have always spoken about these roots as both myself and partner need to understand the back story as it makes it easier to understand the next piece of the puzzle that arises.

If you consider you had a root trauma and then repeated the same pattern of betrayal for example over 10 further lifetimes.  It’s going to have a number of different layers to the wounding.  So it’s important we know our soul selves and story to be strong and present enough in a relationship.

Now does this mean there’s only one soul in the world you can have this with…no.  If you do your deep inner work and clear the darkest timelines and traumas you lift yourself to a vibration that is stronger, more stabilised and able to withstand the gas explosion of the connection.  It means as an activated woman you do the deeper work to become the magnet to your divine partner.

This comes with tests of discernment.  Bugs are attracted to the light and not all souls attracted to you will be for the highest divine purpose.  Your self mastery of trusting your intuition, detachment and setting strong energetic boundaries come into constant play here.

To assist those who are hearing the call of soul growth.  I have created a program that assists you rapidly to work through these pieces (including 34 main past lives to clear) so you start to see shifts and changes in your outer world as you are healing at the deepest level- the soul.

Take a look at the program here (provides access to membership site, coaching videos, ebooks, activations and over 16 mp3 soul clearing meditations- plus lots more)!


You can also try my Womb Healing Meditation here to start connecting to your own inner magnet and creative matrix.


Love and blessings

Allera xx

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