Disruptor Magazine: Allera Dawn: Top Entrepreneur to watch in 2022 - Pure Light 1111

Disruptor Magazine: Allera Dawn: Top Entrepreneur to watch in 2022


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I’m delighted to have been recognised as a Disruptor!

I am a change maker & very dedicated to shifting us all into a new paradigm of being.

That has meant I have expanded my connections across Coaching, Business, Finance & Wellness.  This awakening of consciousness isn’t restricted by industry!

So as a catalyst for those ready to accelerate their growth & healing.  Collapsing time around creating the new solutions, money, opportunities, relationships & businesses. I have been Co-creating with those life architects who are pioneering new paths now!

It serves my soul contracts to assist humanity by working with those creating change!  We add rocket fuel to amplify the efforts!

As the collective timelines are speeding up.  So too is innovation & change.  Your agility, ability to pivot & tap into future timelines when making decisions is vital.  Intuition is the leading edge ability to hone as we enter into the era of energetics!

Check out the Disruptor Magazine article here:


If you a ready to enter into a vortex of transformation & want to accelerate your impact & results- Let’s connect here:


Allera Dawn

The Modern Day High Priestess

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