Did you miss last weeks Soul session? - Pure Light 1111

Did you miss last weeks Soul session?


Hey Gorgeous Soul,

Did you miss the journey we started last week?

In the Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur group we started to unpeel the layers & illusions surrounding the big taboos…Money, Soul & Magick!

Many are tightly gripping onto old illusions. Fearing their power, access & worthiness of being fully supported by money to assist them in their heart centred service work!

The only one who keeps you where you are is you!

If you desire to make a difference in the world it’s hard to have impact when your still swimming in poverty consciousness, struggle & lack!

Ps- these frequencies block your natural magnetic feminine energy too!

2021 is a powerful year where were being asked to create the terms!

Radically different from all other times!

This requires self belief, leadership & taping into innate feminine desire to lead you on a very different path!

Life isn’t happening you you! You are creating it!

Come and watch the soul session here…

The rest of the sessions are also available in the group!

We start the 3 month mastermind on 8th March!

If your ready for the initiation to change your money set point, money karma drama, money story & make 2021 your personal transformational story…then join us here…

PayPal credit & payment plans available. Reach out to me for more info.


Allera xx

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