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Dark Night of the Soul & how to end the suffering.


Dark night of the soul is something many of us on the awakening path have experienced or found ourselves plunged into.

Dotted across the internet there is an almost mythical romantic notion to the experience.  That by somehow crawling through hot coals  we have earned our new wings.

On my journey I saw many people caught in its grip.  One who in their enthusiasm to start afresh literally gave away most of their belongings, even the bare essentials they needed to live (not in a general clear out fashion).  It was at the point she started telling me she was planning on giving away all her furniture & wondering if she needed a car anymore that my alarm bells started to ring.  Thankfully I checked using ‘muscle testing’, a form of kinesiology, to check her subconscious beliefs.  She was, as I had thought, going through dark night of the soul.

The difference here is that instead of accepting this as the rite of passage during spiritual awakening. I knew that it is an old limiting belief, which can be changed.  Which I swiftly did, on the spot.  I then downloaded her with new positive beliefs so that she knew how to & that it’s possible to spiritually grow through love and joy.

Dark night of the soul induces fear.  The opposite vibration to love.  Whilst in this state, it does bring about shifts & changes, however these are often in a whirlwind of self caused chaos, as the person can’t ground themselves fully or think straight.  Anxiety & adrenaline dominate.  Have you ever tried to make rational decisions or connect to your inner guidance whilst in fight or flight? It’s impossible.  We are in survival mode.

Dark night of the soul is a belief held at soul  & history level.  It brings up fear & trauma of being abandoned by god, life has become meaningless and that we must gain spiritual advancement through pain, suffering and letting go of our worldly possessions!  It’s also part of the illusion that we gain the most spiritual growth through isolation and suffering. This is linked to old religious programming.  If you remember our beliefs create our reality, so as long as you hold them, the pattern continues.  These cycles will likely have happened lifetime after lifetime.

During Twin Flame awakening & in particular when the core wounds are triggered (highlighting what needs to be healed- abandonment, betrayal, helplessness). It will often cause a person to go into dark night of the soul.  It’s not uncommon to be shifted into dark night of the soul close to union when the fear and apprehension of the intensity of love can again bring up more baggage to be cleared!  Remember many of our deepest fears relate to losing love or being engulfed by it!

If you imagine how many times your wounds are triggered on this journey. It’s madness to think that we must go through suffering each time.

This is why I check whether all my clients are going through it (and take them out of it) in our sessions.

I have created a meditation which can be purchased on my site so that you can check and take yourself out of Dark Night of the soul. This is also part of my Twin Flame Healing Program.

Within the meditation we remove many limiting beliefs & soul contracts/vows/oaths which include:

I have

  • A vow of perpetual solitude
  • Vows of martyrdom
  • Vows which block Twin Flame reunion
  • I must give away all my worldly possessions to be closer to god.
  • I have been abandoned by god
  • Pain is pleasure
  • I must learn through suffering, loss and destitution
  • I am married to god
  • I am unable to have a soulmate or Twin Flame relationship and follow the spiritual path
  • I am being punished by the creator
  • I must lose everything of material meaning in my life to be closer to the creator

I replace the negative beliefs with over 80+ new positive beliefs to help you experience spiritual growth in a more grounded, positive way in love and ease.

Having this tool in your tool kit is essential on this path. Empowering you to bounce back when things become overwhelming.

Purchase now: www.purelight1111.com/shop/dark-night-of-the-soul-meditation

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