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Dance, Magick & Play: Keys to manifestation


Sovereign Sisters,

I want to remind you beautiful souls that your state creates your reality!

Your emotional & energetic state is the rocket fuel you throw on your inner flames of desire so that you expand & become magnetic!

So it makes sense to nurture & pay daily dedication to cultivating an inner state that brings you feelings of joy!

If you create a pathway to bliss through daily rituals.  You always have a way to uplift yourself from any off kilter vibe.

We are being strongly affected by the collective consciousness now.  Meaning we are all feeling it.  However as a Sovereign Sister you understand the power of your thoughts, actions and vibration on the collective!

Yes- this is leadership talk ladies!

Time to step up and embody all the skills & wisdom you have been gathering & putting it into action.

The more of us that rise in unity through love, pleasure & joy frequencies.  We not only create a powerful vortex that affects and uplifts all of those around us.  We actually make collective shifts Globally.

The guidance I have been given is that we can collectively reduce the length of the pandemic the more of us choose, act & align to the new timelines & shift our vibration to love & joy!

This is a dissolution of the illusion of separation within us and at a quantum level.

It all starts with ourselves!

So I invite you…

What: Sovereign Sisterhood: Goddess Hathor activation, cacao ceremony & dance with intention online event!

Date: Friday 10th April 20

Time: 9:30am (GMT/London time)

Where: Zoom: RSVP to & I will send you the link.

What you need:

1: Yourself- Feeling good & ready to dance!

2: Cacao drink ready for group intention

3: Optional: Dress up for the occasion.  Whether it’s a floaty dress, feathers or gym kit.  If you feel good in it- wear it!

Love & abundant blessings

Allera x



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