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Cycles of transformation & psychic attack


Hey Gorgeous Souls!

One thing I have always said is there’s gold on the other side of the trigger!

We are being gifted with a biggie presently!

One that if you are ready to change the script, story, narrative & charge actually frees you from much of the usual playgroups amongst the different energy planes!

Meaning you get to graduate from the different schools of astral dross & collective trauma (drama) & chaos processing!

Meaning your days become more peaceful, expansive & present & your nights are also without any astral plane nonsense!

When we’re at ‘battle’ with lower energies we’re taking our eyes off the road ahead & will often miss great opportunities, fear & shun them with doubt or get stuck in a stand still.

This is partly due to how this is taught…from a place of victim frequency & duality. Good vs evil.

Everything is you in relation to you including on all the different energy planes!

So if you hold a duality lens around psychic interference, entities & blocks to light workers. You attract it!

I want to assist you in re-writing this from an empowered state & Give you the tools to stand in your sovereignty!

Watch here…

Allera xx

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