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Cycles of reflection & letting go on the awakening path

Take a moment to celebrate and reflect today.  Just how far you have come.

Even if your outer situation hasn’t changed a lot what mental prisons have you transformed?

What new perspectives have you discovered that have created more peace  and acceptance of yourself?

My birthday is on the equinox & I always feel a huge push to go inwards, reflect and tie up loose ends from the past 12 months.

It’s always interesting to reflect on whatever was so important and consuming this time last year.  Often it’s just not even important or part of my reality anymore.

For some of you it may create a wake up call on your Twin Flame awakening journey.  Are you stuck in a looping pattern?  Do you feel drained of energy?  Are you waiting putting your life on hold or passing up on opportunities to create a fulfilled life in the hope that suddenly this person will morph into the ideal partner & waltz back into your life?  Are you waiting for someone to leave a karmic partner so you can be with them?

If this is you then you are creating the path of a slow unfulfilled life towards soul death.

You are waiting for something outside of you to fill the inner void with their love and presence.  When actually you need to show up for you and start giving yourself some self love and home truths.  It’s time to stop putting your life on hold and start doing some serious inner work.  By doing this the universe will support you all the way.

It’s time to draw a line at living a life that doesn’t fulfil you.  Start filling your life up with things that nourish your body, mind and soul.  That most importantly bring you joy.  Move out of obligation & take your power back.

Only you can do this.  No one else can do it for you. Take one step of action and it all shifts from there.

What do you want to be reflecting on a year from now?

Watch here is you are struggling with self sabotage, fear of rejection & judgement or are avoiding taking the next steps to changing your life.


Allera xx

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