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Core Wounds

core wound

As a collective we are being called to dig deeper within.  Face our shadows.  Own and heal our injured parts.  Reflect on our actions towards ourselves and others.  Be accountable for what we have created in our lives.  Face the realisation that every thought, belief and action is a self-created power ball of energy.  We choose to use it to create or destroy ourselves and the world around us with.

We have become so adept at numbing ourselves and hiding behind an external veneer of material consumerism, fake news and the facade of Instagram lifestyles.  That it’s become easy to hide and avoid facing what needs to change within us.

Times are changing.  We are being called to reconnect to our true selves and start to embody a soul aligned life.  To live consciously awake to our own divinity as souls and co-creators of our lives.

Soul awakenings and Twin Flame meetings are the catalyst for many to awake from the slumber of soulless living.  Stirring a deep inner love within, never felt before, giving us a glimpse of the truth of who we are, as a part of source.  We confuse this feeling and project it outwards towards our counterpart.  Believing ‘they’ are the source of this deep connection.  This is the start of the peeling of the inner energetic onion.  Getting to the core that this love was within you, is always within you, and is accessible at all times!  These twin flame soul teachers came to reconnect and plug you back into the awareness of your inner source.  However from our upbringings, society and core beliefs we are hardwired to believe love is outside of us.  So it’s natural with this dysfunctional programming, to believe that it’s the other person outside of you bringing the much longed for dose of ‘love’.

The Core wounding all souls carry is part of what we agreed to heal in this lifetime.  It’s a fundamental part of the shadow healing, inner child healing and reconnecting with self to become whole.  The soul lessons are self-love and that separation is an illusion.

To understand the core wounds we must understand who we are as souls in relation to source.  Then how this relates to the key traumas we carry from separation with our Twin Flames and child birth (separation from mother).

The initial separation trauma is from the illusion that we have separated from source, when we are truly always an aspect of it, so can never be separated.  This causes deep soul level beliefs to be formed that we are being punished by god, we are unworthy of love, that we are in some way less than worthy of love, a feeling that we have been rejected and abandoned by source/creator.  Holding these soul level wounds brings about deep abandonment fears carried through many lifetimes.  Causing further karmic imprints and wounding to occur till resolved.  They will also cause fear to arise when you try to create a purposeful life in line with your Divine Timing period.

The second soul wounding is when the one soul split into two aspects of itself, in order to better experience itself through the feminine and masculine polarity.  This is the formation of the Twin Flames.  They are eternally connected by an energetic heart cord which allows them not only to think, sense and feel each other but also means they would never truly be separate.  Yet again, the soul forgot this and sustained another wounding at the deeply felt perceived loss, betrayal and abandonment from their counterpart (who they believed to be their ‘source’ of love).  Forgetting that they are never separate from source or each other.  This experience forms very deep wounds of fear, abandonment, betrayal, rejection, shame, unworthiness to be formed, which will play out between the Twin Flames till the core wound is healed and the supporting negative beliefs changed.

If you can’t love yourself then how can you love your Twin Flame?  You are the same soul essence.  It’s your core wounds blocking you from this connection and it is only YOU who can take the action to heal them.  The more you pine for the love outside of yourself i.e. projecting this love as something/someone outside of yourself, believing it’s only accessible within your Twin Flame, the longer you will be unable to reunite.  The truth is, this is an alchemical soul journey.  When these wounds are cleared at soul level and when you start targeting some of the love you’re sending out towards your Twin, inwards towards yourself.  The whole situation shifts.  The aim is balance within, which will create balance outwardly between you.  This is why the belief work and healing at soul level within the Akashic records is so powerful.  The most amazing thing is that once the core wound is healed it will shift every relationship you have in your life.  You won’t be in resonance with those who also mirror those old wounds and come as ‘teachers’ to press your buttons.  This means perhaps initial life changes, as people shift in and out of your life but will mean less conflict with those who are meant to stay for the journey.

The third soul wounding on incarnation is the separation from mother during child birth.  The soul has gone through the veil of illusion and at that point forgets it’s connection to source.  It attaches to the belief that mother is source (of love) and whilst in the womb feeling safe, connected and surrounded by love, it’s then separated again when born.

This wounding process can go either way for the soul between the times of birth and 18 months old.  In the Psychology field this is known at the early child attachment period (bonding).  If there is disruption in the bonding between the child and the mother (or primary care giver) during this period, it affects the child’s ability to relate with others and the environment around them, soothe and calm themselves, thus creating an imprint of their view of the world (whether safe or to be feared).  There are many reasons a child and mother may not be able to bond, from depression, her own fears, anxieties and inadequacies.  Her own attachment issues and core wounding.   Her own lack of self-love or experience of nurture and love, meaning she didn’t learn it herself.  So is unable to pass this on to her child.

These bonding wounds and negative patterns of relating are part of the genetic gifts from our ancestors we are also called to clear.  Many held beliefs from ancestors and the mother will be passed to the child even from during the period within the womb.  Patterns such as parents wanting a girl and then having a boy is transferred as a deep disappointment to the child.  Not feeling wanted, good enough or that there is something not quite right within them.  The soul is like an energetic sponge in this early state, absorbing the thoughts, feelings and beliefs which all have their own energetic vibration.

In preparation for Twin Flame union these wounds will come up in powerful succession to be healed and are the true root of the running and chasing experienced between the pair.  This energetic push and pull is to highlight the core wound to be healed.  Highlight the illusion of lack of love, unworthiness of love, separation, the illusion of being abandoned/rejected/punished by god, Twin flame, mother.  To come back to the realisation that you are love, connected to source, connected to your Twin Flame ALWAYS.  There is no true separation.  The love you crave outside of you, is within you all along.

Are you are ready to start working your parts so you can break free of this bind and assist your Twin Flame to do the same alchemically?  Do you recognise that the foundations of self may need to be rebuilt minus all the illusions.  Are you are committed to YOU…healing YOUR core wounds, inner child, want to reprogram your beliefs around self-worth, self-love, boundaries, how to nurture yourself, how to recognise and attend to your own needs, healthy interdependent relationships, relationship with the creator, relationship with yourself as a soul, an intuitive, an embodiment of the divine masculine/feminine and much more…

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