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Conscious parenting – Attachment


For many undergoing the awakening journey they are regularly being called at soul level to strip layer upon layer of their inherited patterning, ancestral wounding and childhood bonding neglects.

For those who have signed the soul contract of mother or father to a child at this time.  You have also taken on an initiation to break the ancestral templates within your lineage.  You may be wondering what that means.  The key is everything that’s out of alignment with the creators highest truth and definition of unconditional love!

So where to begin?! Well your child is the teacher in this role.  They bring the gift to swiftly press all the right buttons to trigger the exact pain points in you to make you aware of the baggage you carry.  So you don’t have to pass it on through your unconscious behaviour.

All the illusions, projections, neglect, abuse and limiting beliefs you inherited through your family and society that are out of alignment with unconditional love are being brought up to heal.

This for many means juggling parenting and deep shadow work.  Often whilst trying to function through a spiritual awakening and keeping your feet on the ground with a busy career!

It’s happening this way as within the collective these dense family and parenting templates are being dismantled on a planetary level.  They can no longer be supported as the collective and Earth grids increase their vibrations.

For many they experienced parenting from people who didn’t have all the tools in the tool kit to love and meet their child’s needs.   Injured souls who did the best they could whilst often passing on their own illusions and woundings.

The key at root is our ancestors did not know the creators definition of love, let alone unconditional love in its purest form.  Love was and for many now is based on the illusion that someone must be worthy of it, it’s conditional and based on behaviour or that it’s transient and can be taken away at whim.  Hence why so many in today’s society struggle as this pattern affected the key first 2 years of life when child attachment was formed.  Love in its conditional form for many is not safe.

One of the manifestations is attachment wounding which affects every adult relationship a person will have.  Which unless we break these patterns is passed onto the next generation.

The steps to overcome this is to firstly get real about your triggers and where you are projecting your own wounding outwards.

I wrote this blog a while ago about attachment styles and it includes a link to help you identify your own.  Awareness is part of the healing journey.

I recently completed a Doula course to deepen my knowledge on the current practices in pre and post natal care.  I’m getting more clients coming to me with birth trauma and it’s a piece I will be going deeper into in order to help women break this pattern at soul level.

One of the recommended books on the reading list was The Attachment Parenting Book.  I highly recommend reading this!

For those with children the challenge is often wanting to consciously raise their family but they don’t have the resources or wisdom of what to do.

This book provides the practical suggestions backed with the clinical background and knowledge of neuroscience to back it up.  It’s not preachy or prescriptive.

It’s not about being a regimented perfect parent.  The key is about connecting with your own intuition and becoming much more in tune with your childs’ needs and your environment.  It’s also about recognising your own needs as a parent and voicing them.  Including asking for support.

If you want to break the patterning you were brought up with.  You have to ‘be’ the change.  This may mean coming up against criticism from family but ultimately it’s about a soul lesson in stepping into your own power, setting boundaries and doing what is right for you and your family.  You are not here to stay in the same box your family have created for you in this lifetime.

In this generation we are being asked to bring the mind, body and soul connection into parenting.  There is a catalysing awakening happening presently and the souls being born are needing parents who can support their soul growth.  They are often very conscious of who they are as souls & what they are here to do.  It’s their parents roles to support, nurture & protect this conscious awareness rather than allow it to shut down through old parenting styles and societal paradigms.

Love and blessings

Allera xx

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