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Communication, projections and managing your combined energy

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I get brought teachers in many forms in my life and last week was no exception.

I signed up for my first ever horse riding lesson. Previous horse experiences were sporadic and confined to my childhood. Trusting friends who said it was fine to ride their horse bare back around a field with the only instruction of hold on tight! Well 25 years later and a list of injuries under my belt I thought it would be good to book some lessons. I’m craving being out in nature and the thought of being able to freely hack in a beautiful green park at weekends is a driving force.

I was introduced to my horse for the lesson, Fortune. My instructor explained that Fortune was a bit different from the other horses, he was very very sensitive! Ok, here we go! What have I manifested. She went on to explain that he is so sensitive that just a slight movement of my leg would be enough for him to want to run! He was apparently a horse who they used to teach people to canter! She didn’t get the memo that this was my first lesson!

Whilst sitting on Fortune I was aware of not only how sensitive he was but that he communicated in images. It then clicked. By me sitting on him our energy fields are merged. I was literally picking up on his thoughts and him mine! We we’re not only learning a dance in the physical. Me learning to ride him and actually the bigger lesson to get him to stop and stand still! We we’re also learning to balance our combined energy field!

I quickly realised he was cheeky and I was reading that he was deliberately putting his head to the ground to take control. He wanted me to loosen the reigns. This made me laugh as I told the instructor what he was playing at. If I felt fear and this caused me to tense he would respond with rapid twitches of his ears and just start to run…quickly! My fear, anxiety and anticipation was so uncomfortable for him it made him want to run! He felt the intensity of this and the fear it invoked in him, so he wanted to move to escape!

This dance became a bit of a struggle till it clicked what I needed to do. I took a few deep breaths and set the intention any fear, anticipation and negative energy leave my space. I relaxed my body and looked out to the greenery of my surroundings and grounded my energy. In doing so Fortune visibly relaxed too. He seemed happy. By me taking that action it had allowed him to release all the uncomfortable tension he was experiencing too! I spoke to him in a gentle soothing voice and loosened the reigns a little. In doing so the dance began to flow. We came into balance. We we’re both relaxed and the struggle was gone. It became fun again. There was no power struggle, just a mutual respect and harmony. The teacher told me at the end of the lesson it had gone well as no one can normally get him to stop! I took that as a compliment and thanked Fortune for his teaching too!

Can you see how this experience can also mirror the Twin Flame dynamic when trying to manage your combined energy field? Can you see how the energy, the fear, the over reactions and miscommunication through your actions can be felt intensely by your counterpart causing them to run to escape the experience?

Can you see that in all situations if you can keep balanced in yourself, relax, take a deep breath and release any pressure and tension. You can diffuse the whole dynamic. You start to see clarity and the positivity that surrounds you rather than fear based monkey mind antics!

There is a pattern emerging for both the Divine Masculine and Feminine at the moment asking them to go deeper in their childhood wounds healing. Often to the parts they are unconscious are even there. Projections of unmet needs are the root here.

Each are projecting and triggering wounds and responding from that wounded child place. Making it an unbalanced and uncomfortable place to be. Separation is a gift of space to heal these parts so you can join all your relationships from a place of a healed adult. This includes the relationship you have with your children. If you heal your own wounds you don’t project and injure your children with them! Can you see that through out the generations in all our families, wounded people wound people. It’s an endemic cycle till we break it through our own accountability and desire to heal.

This is another alarm call for not just Twin Flames but also their awakening karmic soulmate partners and exes. For some their actions are causing damage to the children. The children are no longer asleep and their vibrations are rising. These shifts are being felt and are causing panic amongst many parents who are attempting to control the situation in some instances through force or emotional outbursts (projecting their wounds onto their children). Timelines are shifting and balance will be restored in these situations very soon. First the house will need to be pulled down for new foundations to be built. Expect changes to suddenly appear in the next 4-8 weeks to move these children into a more harmonious home environments. Perhaps with a different parent or family members. This is already agreed at Soul level and will be in the highest and best good for all.

A clear message here for Twin Flames. Do you have the strong Foundations laid in your lives now for these changes?

Often many still choose to learn their soul lessons through pain and chaos. These situations cause a lot of swift disruption. However they also cut the external fears, doubts and monkey mind illusions out. They provide a forced view of higher perspective, a clarity around what someone truly wants, what is important and a huge shove from the universe to take immediate action. It will be a huge call to re prioritise all areas of life.

If you can recall a time when you felt loss, despair and disruption in your life. It often leads us back to the things we have been running scared from or avoiding. Seeing that fear was causing a screen to block the blessings surrounding you. We dig deeper and find inner strength and a renewed sense of connection with the creator. Trust in the creator throughout is called for.

For those Divine Feminine or Masculine whose counterparts have children. Are you ready and prepared to not only unite with your Twin Flame in union but also take on their children? This isn’t just about you. It also isn’t just about skipping off to the sunset together. These illusions will be swiftly dissolved in the coming months. There may be some vulnerable and perhaps even traumatised awakening children coming into your lives and homes needing love, support, compassion and kindness. Can you hold that space?

Can you also do this with awareness of your own wounds and without projecting them onto your Twin Flame or the children?

Can you catch yourself or your counterpart when triggered and express your need for time out to rebalance rather than responding from a place of a fear triggered inner child? What steps can you take now to agree up front how you will manage these situations? This is you both learning to communicate as adults in a relationship and in doing so deepening your bond of inner trust and respect. Taking this approach will mean that when conflict does arise you can just ask for time out. It allows you a way to buy time, diffuse the energy of the situation and allow time to self soothe and to heal whatever has come up. Rather than saying or doing something that could cause more hurt. The SOS Bounce back from overwhelm meditation is only 6mins long and a great solution. Clearing your energy after any friction or argument whether with your Twin Flame or any person is key to rebalance.

The tides are changing. Those blocking the connection from their own fears in these situations will be forced to see a higher Soul perspective. Choices will be needed to be made quickly. Lessons of unconditional love will be brought for all parties.

For those aligned for union where a counterpart does not take that window of opportunity. New souls are on their way. Many new Divine Life Partners will be entering your space in the coming weeks and into early 2018. The message here is go with the flow and follow your own joy and happiness regardless of the package that arrives. The universe will bring you more than you can possibly imagine. Be ready and trust. Have gratitude and openness to receive the gifts brought by these special souls. The support in carrying out your Divine Timings and in parenting children as part of your Soul contracts is very close. This journey is not meant to be carried out alone. Partnerships make life more easy, fulfilling and magical as you both have the love and support you need to flourish!

The deeper wounds needing to be healed:

– What unmet needs am I projecting against my Twin Flame?

For example: Look at your mother and father wounds here. Was your father cold and unemotional, hard to please and gave you little attention? How is this translating to your relationships with men? Do you get triggered when your Twin Flame isn’t able to give you all the attention you need at a particular time? Perhaps they don’t reply to your messages quickly enough. Do you start to regress into childhood acting out of blame, anger or rejecting them for not doing what YOU want them to do? Perhaps this plunges you into feelings of being unworthy of love. These are all the beliefs and traumas to be focussed on.

– Imagine the horse and the rider scenario. What is your energy doing whilst you are triggered? How is this affecting your Twin Flame connection? How can you consciously shift this dynamic with your awareness to release the fear and relax? Can you see the potential positive outcome between you and your Twin Flame in a relationship and creating a life together? Are you stuck in fear based disaster thinking?

– When I am projecting this unmet need, what age do I regress back to? Often we will unconsciously revert to the childhood age the need wasn’t met. There will beliefs and trauma attached where the soul still believes it’s happening hence why you regress.

An example. For a man who perhaps wasn’t loved or cared for growing up and didn’t get the maternal support needed. There will be times in his adult life when feeling vulnerable that he will regress. Let’s say he’s ill in bed and his girlfriend says she’ll be home at 6pmwith medicine. She gets delayed due to traffic and makes it back for 7pm. During that time of feeling vulnerable he has regressed to being a little boy, feeling let down, abandoned and unloved whilst ill. Questioning whether his girlfriend has forgotten about him and if she truly loves him. These are the wounds and unmet needs from his mother that he is unknowingly projecting onto his girlfriend. When she gets home, he is cold and distant with her. He isn’t communicating his needs and is acting from the place of the wounded abandoned child.

If the girlfriend isn’t able to recognise this situation it’s likely she may respond with annoyance as she doesn’t see the deeper situation playing out. Causing the old wounds to cause damage in the relationship through lack of understanding, compassion and communication.

In a Twin Flame situation this scenario can be avoided and transformed if you are both aware of your trigger points and how to respond to someone who has regressed. In this situation, just relaxing, lowering the tone of her voice, soft touch on his hand or face. Whilst telling him she loves him and is sorry she is late but that it will be ok. A hug and providing comfort is what’s needed here. Telling him she didn’t forget about him and that she’s home now and here for him. Just like a little boy would need. It means in that triggered state she provides the healing by meeting the unmet need from the mother. I would also suggest to send heart energy from your heart to the regressed person to dissipate the feelings they are experiencing.

If you would like to heal these deeper wounds, they are addressed in the Twin Flame Healing Program £150 (12 part PDF ebook and 16 MP3 energy healing meditations)

These are the sections to focus on if you would like to go deeper:

  • Reparenting yourself & looking after the temple- self-care PDF/meditation
  • Reparenting yourself & looking after the inner temple- Inner child healing pdf/meditation
  • The drama triangle Twin Flame Clearing PDF/Meditation (victim, persecutor and rescuer)
  • Forgiveness PDF/meditation – You have the keys to your own cage

Something to also be aware of is that triggering and regressing in this way brings up strong emotions of fear, helplessness and often despair. These not only lower the persons vibration but also attracts negative entity attachments. Who will make the situation more chaotic. So always clear your combined energy field after a situation like this (use the Weekly Akashic Record Clearing meditation).

If the wounding relates to physical/sexual abuse and the person is soul shifting. This kind of situation would be a prime scenario for the soul shift transfer to occur. This may be seen in the triggered person being taken over by the entity and start to act and behave differently, often in an angry, aggressive way, lashing out and saying hurtful things to create distance. It may then manifest in acting out behaviour e.g. perhaps going off on a drinking, drug taking binge or going awol. It is the other soul playing their agenda through them. In these situations a soul realignment is needed to stop the soul shifting contract, re seat the correct soul into the body and remove the root trauma.

If you would like 121 support in resolving childhood wounding (including abuse, recovery from narcissistic abuse, trauma bonding).
Sessions available here:

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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