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Come & join me on Instagram too!

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Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I am all about connection & growing a strong Global sisterhood of women choosing to step into their feminine spiritual leadership roles!

So I make sure I’m using the gift of these multiple platforms that allow us to do yet that!

I’m often sharing my adventures, daily downloads & my next sacred offerings!

Come check me out & say hello @purelightallera

I’ll be sharing about my recent sacred site work to bring through the updated Queen & King codes!  This will be a huge shift not only in feminine leadership in the coming cycle but also in relation to relationships!  The old template was structured out of obligation & power.  Meaning marrying for blood line, wealth & status not love as the alliance of leadership!

Well it’s time to change that story through our own choices & lives!

The sacred site transmission will be part of my next Mastermind that starts on 30th Nov!

The Soul Architect Series- The Abundance Amplifier Mastermind!

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Allera xx

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