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Collective shadow rises: Beliefs about the role of children


The past few weeks has seen a ripple effect across the world triggered by the presence of a young girl speaking out globally for change.

Greta Thunberg is actually doing more than making a stance about climate change.  She is becoming a voice and role model for many young people who have felt unheard and often silenced.

This soul is doing an amazing job at stirring up the collective pots not only on climate change and bringing the hidden shadow masculine to the surface once more.  She’s triggering another element.  She is bringing to the surface many deeply hidden oppressive patriarchal beliefs around children & their role in society.

When I tuned in these were outdated templates that many of us adopted through our lineages and at belief level from our ancestors.

Beliefs such as ‘children should be seen and not heard’ or that ‘parents own their children’ and even ‘children are slaves’.  Some pretty deep beliefs were shown to me in the morphic fields.  All of which are now coming to light out in the public eye and often through trolling towards Greta.

This is a huge call to do your ancestral healing work & to also dig into your beliefs around slavery.  Including any timelines, beliefs and trauma you have around women & children.  This old baggage has to be released to be able to collectively dismantle the grids that hold these energetic templates that society is plugged into.

Each time you change a belief you affect 750 other people in the collective morphic fields you are connected to.  So this work benefits not only you, your ancestors but also the collective.

Greta is also doing a huge service that many haven’t acknowledged yet.  She is paving the way for the next generation of awakened children by creating this change & controversy.  So more high vibrational souls (Awakened children) can be taken seriously when they share their gifts with the world.

Throughout history children have not been treated as equal to adults.  This must change for the next generation.  Their voices must be heard.  Their thoughts, feelings and emotions witnessed & honoured.  Equality, boundaries and mutual respect are key.

They bring the vibration of integrity that is hugely missing in society these days.  They will not tolerate what feels out of integrity.  They come open hearted & have an innate sense of divine truth.  If someone lies they feel it.  They come to bring change & help us align to divine love & divine truth.

If you are ready to do deeper ancestral clearing or want to heal your lineage before passing this into your future children.  Check out my Online Twin Flame Healing Program:

To learn more about Awakened children, spirit babies & the collective beliefs – Watch here:

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