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Collective Consciousness & how together we shift it


Hey Gorgeous Soul,

I’m writing this from the sun lounger in my garden.

It’s been a firm spot for me most of this week & gifted me some precious time absorbing sunshine, receiving downloads & immersed in the beauty of the Somerset hills!

The puzzle pieces don’t always come in at once.

I recently created a powerful program.  So much so that for one activation it took me 5x attempts to record it.  Each recording of an hour long wasted.  Each one recorded in different rooms with fully functioning & tested equipment then resulted in an hour of hoover noise.

I haven’t experienced that level of interference since I recorded the Online Twin Flame Healing program in 2017!  It was then that I came up against an onslaught of nonsense to try to distract me from sharing this life changing work!

Knowing this.  It reminded me of the importance of the work I was creating as it would affect the masses (individually & collectively)!

It wasn’t till today that another piece dropped in.  By 1333 people completing the program. In particular, the blueprint upgrade. It would affect 1 million in the physical collective consciousness & far more in the astral realms (ancestors & monad groups).

You see the work I do is never surface level or just focussed on the one being.  You are an access point to each of the 750 people in your collective morphic fields, your ancestors & many in your soul groups!

I work on multiple levels at once in all the work I do.  As that’s how we do the inner work to create greater change.

When we come together & create an energy field we become a new morphic field or collective.  Which then interconnects & affects other fields of consciousness in the quantum reality- bear with me if this is going over your head. Ask your higher self to download the technology of assimilation to integrate new sequence to process this) 💎

This means we have so much power in the unity of consciousness to create greater impact…how?

We have both created & are part of the collective consciousness fields!  Including those that are in scarcity, separation, fear & linear focus.  All of which are being affected through many mediums of influence to keep the lower timelines alive.

Yet as we are part of those fields.  When we do our inner soul work at a quantum level.  We disrupt the collective consciousness field.  So those within it are affected!  This can be a catalyst for another awakening wave.  Though we leave it all up to source to orchestrate.  We play our role & let go.  Not our job past that part.

So, I invite you to my new powerful free healing program…

The Abundance Blueprint Upgrade!

Download here & get started today:

Also, I ask that you share this with at Min 3 people & ask them to do the same.🙏💫🌎

Let’s create positive change & rise together!


The Modern Day High Priestess


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