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Celebrate with humour!


Celebrate your successes BIG & SMALL!?

Since my powerful Multi Dimensional Priestess 6 week Immersion I have lost a stone & dropped a dress size!

I talk about how the transformation in my programs is on all levels!

I even asked the 16 women in this powerful container to take a before pic and an after pic!  Not for weight loss (that’s just a secondary gain)!

As the kind of soul work I do will literally have you looking at most a different version of you (as we we’re integrating higher dimensional aspects of themselves- think soul psychic surgery)!!!

Or at least a number of years younger!

When you aren’t attached to the old identity it can only drop away as it’s no longer in resonance with what your holographic matrix contains!  Yes, that’s right!  We are really just energy!

Which is why I love energy play!⚡️

Manifestation is energy play!⚡️

I create when I find whatever I’m doing fun and playful!?

I learn super quick, integrate and then embody through my life changes and business pivots as it’s fun and I see it as playing!  No pressure just experimenting with new concepts and tapping into timelines of potential or when to take the aligned action! ?

When I’m in joy I’m electrifying & it’s Magnetic!?

I used to joke that I was a homing pigeon to what I wanted as no matter where I went I would quickly attract the person, information or often the actual thing I wanted seemingly out of thin air!?

I also don’t take myself so seriously & I really don’t care about what people think about me!  Perfectionism is not on my agenda!?

It’s freedom to be me & evolve without worrying about getting stuck in the projected boxes of others!?

I claim my desires & power!?

I unapologetically show up as me!❤️

Today I decided that my weight loss success deserved celebration & I was drawn to a shop & found this gem of a skirt!

Unfortunately due to cv the changing rooms were shut!

I wasn’t about to let that get in my way!  I actually tried it on right here on the shop floor in front of the mirror!  I also realise I flashed my bum at one point! ?

Did I panic?  Nope!  I actually laughed at the situation & shared the experience with the shop assistant who laughed too! Bonus I made someone smile along the way!

So remember ladies! You are magical and your perspective over every event is completely in your power! ???

My next transformational program launches very soon & starts on 11/11 (11th Nov)!

This is the Wealthy High Priestess 6 week Group Immersion!

If you want to be part of this next magical catalyst group!

Pop the words ‘Wealthy Priestess’ in the comments & I will pop you on the pre list!

There will be PayPal credit for this & DM me for payment plans.

Allera xx


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