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Can you truly receive support?


For both the Divine Masculine and Feminine they are being tested and challenged by the universe at the moment!

Can they truly receive what they are asking for?  When we are on path, creating and living the life our souls have been dreaming of, we experience receiving all the love, support and abundance we need.  We know we are worthy and no longer block its flow through monkey mind tricks of doubt, disbelief and unworthiness.  We just allow it to come into our lives knowing that what is sent is the highest and best for us at that time.

We let go of the attachment of trying to control that flow and in doing so also allow that which no longer serves us to flow back out of our lives, just as easily as it entered in the first place.

A key area of focus for both Twin Flames presently is around receiving support.  This journey isn’t meant to be done alone.  Carrying out a life with purpose means being able to grow and expand through the support we receive.  Meaning we can in turn offer more support to others by shining our light in the world.

A stirring is occurring to cause us to clear through those old wounds where we didn’t receive the support we needed.  Right back to our relationships with our parents.

Men are being pushed to look at their relationships with their mothers.  The first template of his relationship with a woman.  How did she express love?  How did she support his emotional expression?  Was she warm and tender or cold and detached?  Did she make him feel not good enough or unworthy of her love?  Was she consistent in how she showed love and support?  Did he feel she truly loved and believed in him?  Could she see the bright light within him and help him to see that in himself?

For many the answer is no.  This lack of love and support will have caused an imprint which manifested in patterns of attracting women (often with narcissistic tendencies) where they will have tried to right the wrongs of the past.  Trying to control the situation, the woman, trying to please, placate, buy that persons love and affection.  All to try to fill the void felt from having a mother who for whatever reason wasn’t able to provide the love, support or meet early childhood needs.  It’s a never ending cycle till the wound is healed.

It also means that for many men who experienced mothers like this.  They are unable to trust and receive love and support from a woman.  It blocks true intimacy and means many relationships formed will have been imbalanced in some way to keep control and never let the person get too close.

It may also have manifested in a preference of casual or open relationships.  Subconsciously choosing this route as a way to not get hurt.  You don’t feel the sting of rejection or experience the vulnerability of true love when its replaceable by another person lined up on a conveyor belt!  Having the love and support of a partner is unknown territory.  They just don’t trust it.  So they reject it.  A common theme for Twin Flame men.  Ironically it’s actually what they want the most that they reject subconsciously!

As we know, if you can’t receive, it also means you will struggle to truly give.  Giving will come from a place of manipulation, control and fear.  Only giving when they believe they’ll get something out of it.  All from a place of lack.  Just as they learnt in childhood.  Mothers love was conditional on him being a good boy, behaving in a certain way, getting good grades, not embarrassing her or the family in anyway.  So he in turn learnt to only love conditionally and found partners he would control and manipulate.  Making them behave in submissive or restrictive ways.  Only earning his approval and attention if they behaved the way he wanted them to.  Repeating the pattern of his childhood mother wounds on all the women who entered his adult life.

All of this is blown out of the water when the Twin Flame comes into his life.  He can no longer carry out this dance.  His soul won’t let him and if he tries the laws of cause and effect bring bigger warning and consequences till he learns.  He is learning that the intention of truly giving comes from a place of love and abundance not with a list of conditions.

These wounds are rising to highlight the patterns they’ve caused.  The illusions formed and how this has affected your choice of romantic partners in your lives.  They have to be cleared for you to fully accept the true love and support of your Divine counterpart without pushing it away, sabotaging it and dishonouring it.

It’s not just the men having to face some shadows.  Many women are having to take a long hard look at how the relationships with their fathers have shaped their lives and interactions with men.

Again this person is the first relationship template of a man she experienced. It will also be the first to assist a girl in acknowledging her own femininity through his treatment of her.  Causing her to either embrace or reject parts of herself.

If your father was abusive, cold, critical, unreliable or rejecting along with many other negative traits.  It will have a deep impact on trusting men and allowing a man to love you.  Dysfunctional patterns of trying to please, placate and impress to somehow earn a man’s validation and approval are likely to be themes.

Alternatively it may have served a purpose in making a woman strong and super independent.  Deciding not to allow a man to control her or repeat those patterns.  Which is great when coming from a healed place but for many it’s the extreme swing of the pendulum.  Building a wall of defence not just for the bad guys but also the good ones too!  Never trusting a man’s intentions to be genuine, honourable or reliable.  Holding onto these energetic wounds causes a pattern of attracting emotionally unavailable, unreliable, unsupportive and potentially abusive men.

The Twin Flame connection calls for a union. One that involves a partnership where there’s love, trust, support and vulnerability to open up so you can grow deeper into the connection through intimacy.  To heal their wounds and create new relationship templates for their children to follow.  To create and live a life that has purpose.  Leaving a legacy for the future generations.

Can you see how none of this can happen till we heal the wounds that create huge brick walls between each other.  Until then, we will continue to recreate the traumas of our childhood.  Subconsciously trying to right the wrongs of the past.  Projecting our mother and father wounds onto out Twin Flame!

For those women who have healed these deep wounds and are presently out shining their light.  The tides are changing.  The men of the world are beginning to step forward and offer their support to those Divine Feminine who are on path.

I am even noticing this myself.  Not only are there more men reaching out for help and wanting to proactively heal themselves.  Men are also contacting me to thank me for the work I’m doing and offering their support whilst I carry out my service work!  The guys are beginning to feel the inner call to action!  This is a huge shift and exactly what is needed!  The Divine Feminine has been holding the fort alone for too long!

This is where things get interesting for ladies out there shining their magnetic light in the world.  Living with passion and purpose!  The men who will enter your lives soon may or may not be your Twin Flame.  However regardless of whether they are or not, they are a gift from the universe.  They are also a vibrational match for where you are now and some will stay to grow with you, if you choose.

If you have been on this journey for a while and been very focussed on self-healing, getting businesses set up, learning new skills and generally overhauling your life.  It may be that you haven’t really had much male support along the way.  Yet through this journey you are aligning yourself with the highest expression of Divine Masculine that you’re presently in alignment with.  So the universe is starting to send them your way!

The question is can you accept the support, friendship or even love, a man like this brings?  Can you handle having a man in your life who represents a strong Divine Masculine?  One who respects you, wants to support you as you’re shining your light? Who wants you in his life, makes you part of his plans and his family?  Someone who shares a vision of what you could create together through your connection whether it be professionally, romantically or as friends?

It’s a test!  This is what you’re Twin Flame connection will ultimately bring when you are aligned.  There’s no hiding out in the background with this connection.  That would dishonour it completely.

Now the gift here is that you get some feedback through these men as mirrors.  They will show you how much you have healed and whether they are the same type of guys you used to attract.  You will also be able to see whether they trigger you, do you start self-sabotaging, doubting yourself, going into old patterns just by having a new person come into your life.  In which case, they have come as carrots to show you where you need to heal but that they are perhaps upgrades from what you attracted last time.  You can learn all of this without a relationship.  It’s just having discernment and being consciously present in you connections.

When I healed these deep parent wounds myself, I noticed that I too was sent gifts from the universe.  I knew where my Divine Timing would take me in future years and that I will want the support of the Divine Masculine with me.  I knew that I would at some point be presenting on stage.  An area I knew I will need to work on.  The next thing I knew, men started coming into my life who wanted to help me towards expanding into my Divine Timing.  A coach I met at an event gave me free sessions to focus on public speaking.  Another guy I met wanted to collaborate on setting up an event focussed on women’s healing and empowerment.

I was being shown that as I had changed, so had the types of men I was now in alignment with.  These guys weren’t scared of speaking their mind or making their intentions known.  They knew what they wanted in life and went for it.  They were emotionally connected to their hearts.  They were living lives of purpose and this lit them up.  They had a light I’d not seen in many men before and it’s magnetic to those around them.  They were honest, reliable and were gifts to me in showing me how far I had come.  I knew that not only was I ready to receive the support of a man and one who could hold his own when around me.  I trusted the process and myself enough to enjoy the situation without attachment to the outcome.  There was no control, struggle or destination.

I allowed them to flow in and out of my life.  Giving me a soul lessons of detachment.  The gifts weren’t one way.  One guy had never met an awakened woman before.  Our connection was a catalyst for his own awakening.  In being completely in my truth, showing my vulnerability in owning and expressing who I am.  Not shying away from sharing who I have flourished into through this journey.  I opened up a whole new world for him.  Triggering him to question, expand and feel safe to start his own exploration of self.

I grew through these gifts from the universe.  I trusted deeper in the process and knew I deserved to receive love, support and abundance in all its beauty on this journey.

My healing and shifts in beliefs had brought about changes in who and what I manifested into my life.  I knew from these situations that I was ready to share my life with a man again and receive true love.  I had let go of the old patterns of drama, fear and illusions.  They were no longer part of my energetic make up.

So now is the time to shine light on these wounds.  For those who truly want to close a door on these patterns.  Forgive yourself and your parents.  I take you through how to in the Twin Flame Healing Program.

Providing the conscious awareness and then the energetic and soul level healing.  Stopping the patterns and karmic loops.

For those already following it.  I recommend doing the following sections over the next couple of days:

  • The drama triangle Twin Flame Clearing Meditation (victim/rescuer/persecutor)
  • Reparenting yourself & looking after the temple- self-care meditation
  • Reparenting yourself & looking after the inner temple- Inner child healing meditation
  • Forgiveness meditation – You have the keys to your own cage

The Twin Flame and soul family timelines are shifting quickly.  For those Divine Feminine who are carrying out their Divine Timing it is an open door for their counterparts to re-enter.  Many are secured in the 5D grids.  The Divine Masculines are feeling drawn back to their Twins.  Wanting something more from their lives.  Beginning to feel a call to create a new way of living.  The windows are opening to start grounding the new relationship templates and providing support for awakening children in these families.

The message now is that there are important paths to be led at this time.  Other souls (Divine Life Partners/compatible soulmates) will enter soon to support in fulfilling the Divine Soul contracts if one of the Twin Flames decides not to.  Support is on its way.  Accept the gifts from the universe with love and grace.  Soul lessons, growth and the future generations are depending on it.

Love and blessings

Allera xx



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