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Can you see it in plain sight? Guidance on 2022


Mulled apple juice whilst wandering around the shops yesterday!

Change is in the air

Change by nature means movement, motion & dismantlement

Another veil will begin to loosen in the mass collective view by the end of the year

Meaning the dismantlement for many is within their inner minds perspective & beliefs being shattered

Everything is always in plain sight but until you can see the patterns you can’t connect the dots

We assume the practices of the past have stopped.  Like a distant crack in time.  Yet we must recognise that old ways don’t stop.  They just adapt, change & continue

Often it’s our inability to face things that has created a mass bystander behaviour situation that means we cannot see what is occurring.  We have chosen to ignore something & by default our beliefs are that it’s not happening.  So we cannot see it within our field.

Trauma programming

Mass hypnosis

Mass disassociation

Harvesting of fear frequency through torture into the grids

These all happened in the years running up to & including the WW2.  Yet that war involved physical weaponry & mass force.

Yet these things are happening now without the physical weapons

We are in an experience where the tools of attack are in the spiritual & the bullets are biological

Key actions of mastery for us all to ride this time of evolution

?Discernment – can you determine the difference between organic or synthetic information, interfaces, data & even what you are viewing?

?Mastering your energy field & defences in both the physical & astral realms (much of the attack’s are coming through 4D access & trauma is part of the doorway).

?Understanding that the spiritual realms & physical realms are interwoven.  If something shows as an alert in your dreams or travels it can & will manifest into the physical (this is something to be aware of).  These veils are getting thinner.  If you are experiencing frightening memories, dreams or seem to always be drained the next morning.  It’s an alert which does need to be addressed as it’s affecting your soul on some level.  Often our soul fragments can be caught up in things from bloodline or past timelines too.

?Your power is in dedicating daily practice to mastering your additional senses so you integrate them.  Meaning all the clairs & psychic abilities.  You might believe you have strong physical boundaries but if your energetic boundaries are weak you are open to manipulation.

?The one who holds the money holds the power.  Money is the ally on Earth.  It can assist you to create great impact or limit you & create suffering- only you choose.  Women will not be emancipated from the patriarchy (which is also encoded through all of our financial systems & legal systems) till we master our money stories & start freeing ourselves from the old money traps.  No one can do this for you.  It’s also an ongoing process as you uplevel more of your b/S & blindspots arise.

?Challenge your beliefs & then challenge them again & again. Know it’s a journey of unpeeling an onion. The version of you in suffering doesn’t hold the same beliefs as you living your best life, thriving & having impact.  Your frequency/vibration is linked to your beliefs.  A belief holds a frequency.  Look at those around you…you attract those with similar beliefs as you each hold a similar frequency.  It’s often easier to see others limitations so make a list at what you observe is the reason those around you aren’t happy, are playing small, aren’t commanding the money they deserve & are struggling.  Then ask yourself how many things on the list apply to you!

?Were in an age of information distraction.  Which also is a program to distract & cause in- action.

How many of you read books or download the freebie course & take no action.

Well there’s your blind spot. Life doesn’t change by consuming books.  It changes by taking the inspiration & making real world life changes.  What’s the balance you hold between creating & consuming?  Time to re-tip the scale.

?You are creating new worlds (this is getting quantum).  Each one of us is viewing & creating a reality construct through our own lens.  When you keep tapping into the old model for guidance (ie Hollywood/Disney/news media/print media).  You are tapping into a reversal field.  Which keeps you looping into the 3D matrix.  It means you allow the matrix to set the landscape, limits, roles & characters of your life.  The answers are within & the soul wants more expansion than what these fields of information provide. Ask yourself – am I creating my own dream that’s aligned to my soul & reason for being here?

?You are in training!

As we expand consciousness more of our gifts come on line.  Including the speeding up of manifestations.  A double edged sword as you need to police your thoughts & words at this time.  Your words are not only spells they are covenants – you can be freeing yourself or binding yourself daily.

?You will be asked to challenge the spiritual teachings you have received to date.  What worked or resonated up till this level will not be in alignment with the next expansion.  It’s important to recognise that the agenda/poison & disrupters that desire to keep humanity locked in suffering therefore the 3D grid operates through religion & the new age communities.  Imagine not just the trickster energy but being actively hoodwinked energetically so you slowly.

Many of the energies/beings on this planet feed from fear & trauma.  So by keeping you trauma bonding in groups or holding yourself back from living an abundant life.  Your suffering feeds the agenda.  It’s an energy source.  If this is new to you then it’s a gift.  The love & light brigade is one of the most infected communities.

?We & our children need to learn spiritual self defence as well as physical boundaries & communication.  There is great fear of the children who see & feel the truth.  Those who can tell someone is lying & call it out.  Which is why there’s been an agenda to suppress them with medication.  Another approach is required.  As parents it starts with you.  You learn for yourself then you teach your kids.  No excuses.  No pushing the problem into them.  That’s b/S.  They are also your teachers & they came here to put you on a trajectory of healing & teaching!

?Pleasure & desire connect to your creative energy.  Sexual energy can assist in birthing your projects, babies, new worlds.  Libido is your life force.  Your appetite for life. If it’s suppressed look at this as it’s a block in your power force.

?Do you have a conscious support bubble that holds you up whilst you unpeel your layers? If not, create one.

2022 will be bringing more chaos, lockdowns & mass hypnosis tactics.  Ensure you are surrounded or at least connected to those who will help you hold hope, Joy & the souls highest perspective.

We held the first All rise conscious collective: Rebels & Priestesses this week.

We went deep into the family matrix in prep for the Xmas gatherings to reduce the obligations that cause friction.

In our next session we will be doing a full clear up of 2021 so you stop carrying forward all the stuff from this year that isn’t part of your soul contacts anymore.

We will be activating the Phoenix for rebirth & reclamation of your divine inheritance!

Join us here: (you also get full access to the members site with past masterclass & over 30 hours of material)!

Allera x

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