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Cages of fear


How many of you are holding back from fully experiencing life?  Holding onto the old as it feels safer than taking a new route into the unknown?  Have you found yourself blocking or denying your Twin Flame connection out of fear?  Recreating them as monsters in your mind to justify your actions?

Fear is insidious.  Unless we get honest with ourselves and face it.  We are forever locked in the primal brain, looking for danger in the illusions created by the shadows of our minds.  It’s not truth.  In fact some of the fears aren’t even yours!  They are from ancestors, collective consciousness or even the Twin Flame collective!  Fear is what holds us bound to the 3D consciousness reality.  To rise up and create a new life we must free ourselves.

A key fear I see time and time again blocking Twins, is the fear their Twin will break their heart if they unite in the physical.

This is a fear linked to a belief (often held on the history, core and genetic belief levels).

There may also be some past life trauma playing out.  Making it feel immediately real as the adrenaline courses through your veins, pushing you to keep a safe distance, anything to keep the perceived threat at bay.

The belief will connect winding roads of relationships in your life, littered by past patterns of failed romantic debris.  The negative thought forms grew stronger on their fill of heartbreak, loss and disappointment.  They stick around, haunting your aura.  Promised their next hearty meal of fear.  Till you release them.

Fear is the opposite polarity of love vibrationally.  So as long as you choose fear you choose to reject love.  Choosing to join sides with fear against the love of your Twin Flames is not only a betrayal to them but also yourself.  You are buying into an illusion and shutting the door to accessing and uniting with your true self!

The Twin who is blocking, holds all this energy in their field.  So they become controlled by fear.  A slave to a destructive master.  Causing them to withdraw from opening up to love.  Forgetting it’s the greatest healer available and what their souls are calling for them to remember.

This fear causes someone to push others away.  So they effectively create their own reality of aloneness and a self fulfilled illusion of rejection or unworthiness of love.  All due to a fear that something bad might happen.

They grip ahold of the belief as it has a secondary gain, it keeps them safe!  Well that’s what their subconscious mind tells them.  That’s the biggest illusion in this whole dynamic, as it actually lowers their vibration and makes them more vulnerable!

Ask yourself, how many things do you hold yourself back from experiencing in life?  How many opportunities do you allow to pass you by, out of fear of what might happen? How many years have you allowed this pattern to play out in your life?  Are you satisfied with your present situation?

Everyone has experienced hurt, pain and heartbreak in their lives.  It’s what we signed up for as part of the package of having an embodied physical experience on earth.  Just because we’ve experienced heartbreak and loss doesn’t mean LOVE no longer exists.  It’s always there, it’s within you and it’s often waiting on the other side of all the doors of opportunity you continue to walk past.

True love is never withheld from you.  It’s just you hold yourself back from receiving it, experiencing it, allowing its energy to connect and heal the wounded parts of you. All out of fear.

Where in your life now are you wearing a cage of fear?  Watching your life from the sidelines under an illusion of safety?  You can only dream and watch the colour, taste, energy and sensory expression of life whilst within the confines of your cage.  Like watching a film of a story but never leaving the cinema to go create something real for yourself.

The root of all our journeys is to bring us all back to love.  Love for ourselves, love of the creator, love of our Twin Flame, love of the fellow souls on this planet.  All in unity as a collective of souls.   Connected through love.  All aspects of the creator.  All equals.  Removing the illusion that we are separate.  We are all aspects of the creator, all made from love and all connected!

No matter what wounding we’ve experienced or whatever fear we hold.  Love can transform it all.  We just have to face the fear with baby steps and a decision to step out of our own cages.  Then watch how our whole world transforms.  We open ourselves up to receive the love we deserve.  New loving supportive souls enter our lives, new opportunities and experiences appear.

By choosing love over fear we align ourselves to Divine Twin Flame union.  Our connection back to each other, our own Divine Masculine and Feminine god selves merged.  Bringing us back to connection in union, to source.  Unity and sacred marriage, heaven on earth.  Just as we planned before we came here!

The union of two Twin Flames brings such a rush of light and high vibrations of love onto the planet through their combined connection to source.  It not only heals the wounds within them through their union of sacred sexuality, it acts as an alchemical catalyst to heal those around them.  We as souls are all connected.  Twins agreed to heal themselves and others through ripping away the illusions we’ve been born into and stripping it back to the truth and power of LOVE.

There is nothing more powerful on this whole planet than the vibration of love.  It’s within us and always around us.  We are never disconnected from source.  We just forgot for a while.  Numbed by pain and separated by fear.  Our Twin Flame came here to help us and those around us remember the truth.

Can you remove the projected image of a monster you have placed upon your Twin?  Can you connect with their souls, look into their eyes and feel the love in their hearts?  In that moment, see if you remember who they truly are.  In doing so, accepting the gift they offer you, to dissolve your own facade. Helping you remember who you truly are, at core.  Your mirror soul reflects you.

Are you ready to open the doors to your cage of fear, free yourself to experience love and joy again?



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