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Breaking Patterns – #Gratitudenow


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

If you missed my FB live- catch below. Powerful transmission!

We discuss the mass programming occurring & how this mirrors the techniques of Atlantis!

Yet no one ever breaks the spiritual laws of free will.  No need.  It’s very easy for you to hand over your energy & attention & that’s the permission granted.

After the recent sacred site work I’ve completed. I’ve been shown something needs to be done to break the unconscious pattern occurring that causes the masses to drop their shielding & walk along to the spell casting agenda.

None of this is only occult.  It’s actually hypnotism.  Something used for many years in advertising & it’s constantly bombarding us.  Till we start to see it.

Learn more in the FB live!

Also be part of the solution – I am proactively going to start shaking this whole thing up but I need your help!

Watch out for #gratitudenow

Starts Mon 14th June! As soon as you see my post I need you to stop & become present & really connect to what you are grateful for in this exact moment!  Then share in the comments.

To add this isn’t a list of what you were great full for this morning or things like that.  It’s about this exact now moment. Why you might ask…it breaks the neural pathways to start to align to present moment not pulling in the past.  Which actually frees you from the collective fields & fear influence.

Thus taking you out of being in a light trance programmable state.  Which is what most of the population operate under.

Once you have shared your comments.  You then go live on your own platform to your own following & pass it on.

Breaking their day of trance state & they then continue and share themselves do we start to create a mass ripple of bringing people into the present moment throughout the day globally.

No pattern changes unless we repeat it often.  This shifts things on many levels to anchor that.

Watch here:

Allera xx

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