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Blocks to soul love: What’s your relationship like with the Creator?


There are a lot of stirrings presently for the Divine Masculine. Over the past few weeks many little deaths, shattering of their ego realities have occurred. Leaving them questioning who they are, who they were and what they are here for. Their higher self and soul self are beginning to be heard more clearly. Guidance is flowing through dreams, reoccurring thoughts and feelings. Until now they had ignored all guidance and warnings. Often in an effort to keep a sense of control. As the saying goes, pride comes before a fall. They were having an inner battle of monkey mind (ego) vs their soul. The soul will always be victorious in the end. This has resulted for many in a huge heart awakening. For some this will have been hard to ignore as they started to experience an unusual sensation of calm, peace and the warm soothing waves of love filing their body for no apparent reason. These bursts of love are like tasters to the truth of what he is able to receive and experience. He is finally beginning to feel again. He is beginning to connect to himself and his connection with the unconditional love of the Creator.

At this time this experience of unconditional love from god/the creator is a complete unknown for many. It’s boggling the minds of both the Divine Feminine and the Divine masculine. If this heart opening experience of unconditional love is the truth of the connection with god/the creator then why haven’t they felt it before. It’s bringing up thoughts around our past and present religious belief programing for light to be shone on them. Their physical experiences and the healing they have experienced from them is making them question the truth in their beliefs and most importantly how it serves them to hold onto them.

Religion from past and present lifetimes for many involves lots of conscious and subconscious beliefs around judgement, unworthiness, sacrifice, martyrdom, persecution, spiritual growth through suffering, learning through pain, being poor to be closer to god, fear of punishment and death should they not obey god. We must also be aware that the soul will hold beliefs from past lifetimes where multiple different gods/goddesses were worshipped.

Although I was not brought up as any religion as a child and organised religion has never resonated with me. My Twin Flame and I have many lives in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Mayan lifetimes. During my period of healing wounds around the Creator, I removed hundreds of beliefs, traumas and illusions that we were still affecting us. Beliefs that we were in service to many of these gods and must obey them or be killed! That we must sacrifice ourselves to the gods. That we were being punished by these gods. Plus lots of other religious vows of perpetual solitude, chastity, obedience and poverty. All of which creates deep seated fears of the creator, divine light and ultimately your Twin Flame! From a vibrational point of view fear is the opposite vibration to love. These beliefs when held create more of a disconnection to the creator as they create fear and often confusion.

The awakening journey is reconnecting us with our own Divinity as souls. We are all aspects of the creator experiencing ourselves through embodiment on earth. We are therefore all connected to the creator regardless of our gender, religion, race, karma, or whether we have lived or behaved in a certain way. There truly is no judgement and also no separation from each other as souls and also in our true connection to source. The creator of all that is resonates at the high vibrations of unconditional love. This is the energy of the 7th plane.

The Twin Flame journey for both the Divine Masculine and Feminine is the path back to union with self, each other and the creator. Part of the pull we feel towards our Twin Flame is our calling back to the Divine. If you can imagine you as a soul agreed to separate from source to have an embodied journey on earth. Further splitting into both masculine and feminine forms on earth. Our journey home is the journey back to source. To our inner god/goddess selves, our Twin flames and the creator. In the physical form our Twin Flames are the closest embodied connection to god we have on Earth. The second time I met my Twin Flame I recall saying I felt like I had come home and he said he hadn’t felt this lost in years as we sat in a bubble for hours oblivious to everything around us. It was an experience unlike anything we’d experienced with someone we’d only just met. This is why in meeting, it is a catalyst for our spiritual awakening of our divine connection to source.

Many are so focussed on the physical union and are wondering why they are blocked. They haven’t done the inner work around their relationship with the creator and many tantrums and power struggles are ensuing. It’s taking them back to healing their soul core wounds (abandonment/separation/unworthiness of love).

Some questions to consider:

The creator, yourself and your Twin flame are all connected and at core are unconditional love.

  • If you can’t love yourself. How can you love your Twin Flame and the creator? You are all connected and aspects of each other.
  • How can you love your Twin Flame but still hold anger, blame, rage at the creator or yourself? In this scenario it’s calling for forgiveness work to be done on your relationship with yourself, Twin Flame and the creator. Releasing you from the self made chains that cause a block to unconditional love.
  • If you believe you are unworthy of love. It means you also believe you are unworthy of the love of the creator and your Twin Flame. We are all the same.
  • If you believe you are unworthy of the love of your Twin Flame. It connects back to beliefs around being disconnected/separated from the creator and your Twin Flame in the first embodied incarnation. It feeds into the illusions of separation. This all relates to the soul core wounding.
  • If you believe you have been abandoned by your Twin Flame, You will also hold the beliefs of being abandoned by the creator. Leading to further beliefs around being punished, rejected and judged by the creator or your Twin Flame. All relating to the illusions that god is punishing you in some way and that due to your actions you are unlovable and unworthy of the love of the creator and your Twin Flame. Feeding further into the separation illusion and fear. The creator is unconditional love. All of this is the illusion of our programming.
  • If you believe you are separate from your Twin Flame. You will also hold beliefs and core soul wounds of being separate from the creator.
  • If you believe you are being punished by god. This is all connected to old societal and religious programming that feeds the illusions of conditional love. Meaning you are only worthy of the love of god, parents, society, Twin Flame if you obey or behave in a certain way. It also feeds into beliefs of disempowerment and being a victim. The creator doesn’t punish or judge again this is old programming.

The truth is you are love, we are all love, as we are all sparks of the Divine Creator. All of these beliefs and illusions means we forgot who we truly were. Our connection with self, our Twin Flame and the Creator. This means we were never truly disconnected from them. That was the illusion we chose to believe. We created our own blindfolds through free will to choose the beliefs we chose to take on. We are now being given the choice to decide what resonates for us as our own truth and not what we have taken on in the past.

For many our relationship with the Creator will have been heavily influenced by our upbringing. For those who have suffered any kind of abuse, either solace and support would have been found through the connection to source. For others a distinct belief of being punished, unloved and abandoned during those times would have been formed. Meaning there will often be a lot of anger, rejection, blame against the Creator that needs to be forgiven and healed.

Trust in the creator is also a huge hurdle for many. If you can connect to the truth of the unconditional love available to you always and trust that this whole Twin Flame awakening journey is guiding you to this, then the armour and defences can begin to be removed. This also reflects in how we connect with our Twin Flame. If you are projecting your ‘Creator wounds’ of not trusting, being abandoned, not listening to guidance, outwards against your Twin Flame. Then the following exercises will help you to release the energetic fortress of blocks you have made to keep your Twin and the creator from being more present in your lives.

The guidance to bring you back to reconnection and physical union is being sent to you. It’s about allowing, trusting and allowing the guidance to bring you to where you need to be. Then trusting this will be in the highest and best way. It calls for us to trust and surrender some of the control to the Creator. In doing so it takes the weight from your shoulders and things begin to flow including more abundance into your life. This journey isn’t mean to be done alone! The creator and ultimately your Twin Flame are always there for you (even if not in union with your Twin Flame, their higher self is supporting).

  • I would like you to write down 200 rejections, resentments, grudges and all incidents of blame, shame, guilt and anger that you have towards yourself, your Twin Flame and the creator.
  • Once you have your lists do the Pure Light 1111 Weekly Akashic Records Clearing and set the intention that everything on your lists be cleared, healed, released and completed across all time, space, dimensions and realities for the highest soul good of all.

For those who are following the Twin Flame Healing Program complete the following sections:

  • The Journey of the soul and Divine Timing pdf. Journey of the soul- core wound, relationship with the creator and separation from your Twin Flame healing meditation (mp3)
  • Forgiveness pdf. Forgiveness- you have the keys to your own cage energy clearing meditation (mp3). Complete for yourself, Twin Flame and the Creator
  • Blocks to soul love meditation (mp3)
  • Soulful living: New Life Manifestation. Write your manifestation list and include what support and guidance you want from the creator on this journey. Then see what you receive from your higher self and guides for the next steps to create this in your physical reality.

If you would like to go deeper into your healing (whilst also offering it to your Twin Flame at soul level). Take a look at the Twin Flame Healing Program £150.

Can you see how the Twin Flame union at root has a Divine connection? All of this is a much bigger picture to all the daily squabbles, blocking on Facebook and projections of our unmet needs against each other. Can you see how separation is a blessing to be able to heal all these beliefs, illusions, traumas that block us from our true connection back to our creator selves within and together? In physical union, through their embodied love, they create a channel from source which bring enormous healing to each other and the planet. This is the feelings of love both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are starting to get glimpses of. The bliss, the union, the truth of the connection. Unconditional love is the ultimate healer.

This journey takes us deeper into a journey and exploration of surrendering control and choosing love. The struggle and suffering is our own resistance and thus the manifestation of our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Are you ready to take a different route?

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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