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Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur: The end of a decade- A call to my soul sisters


So many shifts have occurred for me over the past year.  The intensity rose from the end of August when once again I chose self love, purpose and soul advancement over a relationship that was not going to go the distance.

My soul is bright, beautiful & expansive.  I am fire, I am light, I am sensuous goddess who does not want to feel restricted by another’s limited mindset and energy.

I feel most alive when I create.  I feel most connected to source & full of love when I create in whatever form that comes in.

I love to create fully and expansively from both my masculine and feminine energies!  As my intellect & intuition are both well aligned allies these days.

I surrendered to my next leg of my journey and knew my next download of guidance would come through swiftly.

My soul is not wanting to walk this path alone but integrity is such a high requirement that there is no room for carrying another or being with those who drain me dry.

The guidance came & my soul is calling for her sisters to join her.  Step up and rise.  Help transform humanity on a much bigger scale and create a new kind of empowered sisterhood. Without jealously, competition and betrayal.  A collective of modern day High Priestesses!

I offer many gifts, fast track tools and am a fierce spiritual force to be reckoned with.  I hold safe space for those in my circle going through their own transformations and nothing can penetrate that on my watch.

The duality of lower plane energies become less of an influence as you transform yourself above their reach.  As do all those that like to hang out in the basement energies of victim consciousness!  I declared long ago I would not allow that within my inner circle and I stand by it.

If you are tired of going it alone.  You are driven by purpose (even if you aren’t fully clear what yours is yet)!

If you are a feminine entrepreneur & want to expand your consciousness, energy field, wealth capacity & impact on the world.

If you believe that creating is our true state of being.  That being turned on is part of your intuitive guidance and feminine navigational tool kit!

If you want more excitement, joy, passion, creativity & juiciness in your life so much so that you become a magnetic vessel of pleasure that attracts in what she desires!

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Allera xx

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