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Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur: New steps into the unknown


Throughout life we are called to break free from the comfort of the already worn road & change directions.

For some they relish in the familiarity of status quo.  Yet it’s a slow death for the soul.

For many awakened women they have discovered the constraints of their current situations.  A myriad of self built constructs comprised of inner fears, beliefs & their own glass ceilings around wealth, pleasure & Joy.

Leading to feelings of their wings being clipped.  A rut of despair & a deep inner sense that they are settling for crumbs in their lives.

For those who not only hear the call but decide that no matter what they must find another way.  The universe & your spiritual teams hear you.

The soul freedom at core that you desire is possible but it’s not the destination solely which of the upmost importance.  It’s the journey of getting there that brings the wealth of soul growth.

I believe within each one of us lies deep often suppressed big dreams for what we desire if our worthiness to receive & abilities to dream without limits hadn’t been suppressed somewhere in our lives.

I invite you to take some time to go inwards & ask your soul what you need to change to bring you closer to your souls purpose & desires.  That part of you that truly is running the show even if the controlled ego mind is battling for the wheel.

We often forget we are part of a much bigger cosmic plan & our souls have orchestrated each event, soul teacher & opportunity for us.  In preparation to remember.

If you allow yourself to connect with pleasure & Joy.  You expand your energy field to further opportunities to receive.  If you take time at those points to listen to the insights & flashes of inspiration.  You will see the soul guidance has been there all along but your current life has lowered your frequency such that you have become entrenched in your present reality.  Believing the illusion that nothing will or can change.  It’s a lie that keeps you bound & playing small.

Joy & pleasure are gateways to creativity & allow our souls to speak more fully through us.  If we tap into this we start to embody more of our inner magnetic goddess.

To step out of your current rut in life and business you must first recognise something isn’t aligned.  As there is something not working.

It can be hard to see our own blind spots.  So many stay stuck as they never seek support.

Yet if you do the results can be rapid & transformation limitless if you are ready to take the action to implement change.

The same goes with your business.  If you aren’t attracting your ideal clients, your in cycles of feast and famine, your feeling a slave to your business & loosing the passion you once had for it as you have found yourself now addicted to struggle.  Then this is a welcome message to realise something you are doing needs to change NOW.

Don’t allow past struggle to define you or your business.  Take the action & a new road towards wealth, pleasure, creativity & joy NOW.

I invite you to book a discovery call with me where we can get you onto a new path swiftly!

Allera x

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