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Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur: Can you receive support?


This is an important question to dig deep and ask yourself.  Can you truly allow yourself to receive support?

This isn’t something to brush off or overlook as it will likely have had a ripple effect throughout your life since childhood & when you set up a business it can rise again in the form of self sabotage & struggle.

Take a moment to to reflect.  When you were growing up did you feel supported in expressing yourself & your ideas?  Were your family, teachers, friends on hand to support you through transition & challenges?  Did you have safe and trusted people around you who had your back as you grew and explored in life?

These early experiences will shape our ability to accept and receive support from people in later life and our businesses.

If you were judged, shouted at or fear was projected at you when you shared your dreams it’s likely you grew up not feeling you could express yourself fully.  It will have left an imprint that it’s not safe to share your thoughts.

If you grew up in a family where you didn’t have parents that were able to emotionally support you or that were abusive.  You will have learnt not to share too much as you couldn’t trust that you would receive feedback in a way that was helpful.  So it’s likely you just stopped asking for help.  On one hand this breeds resilience, strong independence & shifts your mindset into being a leader often way before you are emotionally developed enough to be one.

Yet when you step into the role of setting up a business or you find yourself wanting to expand one.  These old wounds often rise rapidly.

You see they hold a double edged sword.  On one hand it’s likely you like being in control & have achieved success through your tenaciousness.  Yet this comes at a cost.  It can be lonely running your business without support, a sounding board and someone who will alert you to blind spots.

It can also lead to burn out.  The ultimate cost.  This will often show up as losing your drive and passion for your project or dream.  Which is often not the root.  The lack of creative inspiration & avoidance at stepping up is often not due to the perceived extra work it entails, its that you know you need to start getting expert support to achieve what you want and on some level that just doesn’t feel safe.

I see this with my clients and it’s also something I have had to face myself.  Learning to trust yourself, your judgement of others and their intentions is key.

I know that when I share an idea and get encouragement or feedback I can thrive.  I still choose whether to take it on or not but often it helps me see different perspectives which in turn may save me time and money!

Starting a business as a coach for example is not only about being good at your trade and helping your clients transform their lives.

You also need to understand how to set up a business and run it as such, accounting, taxes, marketing, aligned message & products, client profiling & how to leverage social media.  You also have to realise that YOU ARE YOUR BRAND.  So you have to understand psychology and sales even if you are the most spiritual entrepreneur or coach out there.  All of this applies!

Can you see how much growth potential setting up a soul aligned business brings!

Yet you can’t expect yourself to become the expert in all these pieces without getting SUPPORT.

You set yourself up for SUCCESS when you open yourself up to receive support in life.

I also speak from personal experience.  I am a self starter & more than happy getting into the depths of learning new things regardless of how technical.  Yet when I set up my business from day one I knew I had to lay strong foundations for me to be able to scale quickly.  This meant pulling in the right people to get this project to launch on time!  As ultimately it’s a business not a hobby so I used my project management experience and ran it as such.

I hired a developer, an accountant & a social media marketing coach to help me.  This not only saved me time and money.  It meant whilst I felt supported I was more relaxed and it allowed me to keep my creative channels open & flowing.  This freed me up to do more of the things I enjoyed ultimately.

I have since expanded my offering & gained further knowledge by getting support through different coaches to help me reach my goals & feel supported along the way!

If you look at any successful business owner you will often find they have a mentor, coach and network of peers surrounding them.  It keeps their mindset aligned to their goals & they gain more ideas & collaboration opportunities through doing so.

I share this as 2020 is the decade of action.  Since 2008 gradually more people have been activated into their spiritual awakenings.  Their gifts and soul purpose brought online.  A window was given to really focus on the inner and collective healing for women.

This following year had a huge energetic force to propel us forwards to carrying out our purposes.  January 11th 2020 is a portal of these energies coming in.

This means if this post speaks to you it’s time for ACTION.

If you are a coach or female entrepreneur & are tired of trying to do it all alone and want to break this pattern.  Someone who wants rapid transformation in a supported, grounded way with not only deep soul healing but aligned goals and actions to reach your destination.

Then reach out for a free discovery call and we can talk about how best we can work together:


Allera xx


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