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Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur: Are you bringing ALL of YOU to the table?


I want to share this message for all those out there that are feeling the shifts within themselves to create a new life or business.

In particular for those sitting on the fence with one foot in their old paradigm life surrounded by people who are happily staying where they are.  The other foot rooted in a life of new potential, expansiveness & creativity.

This is likely to become very visible over the Christmas break when you spend intensive time with family & old friends.  Be aware of the boxes you find yourself being confined to whist in their company and keep true to yourself!

I want you to tune into your heart and ask what experience would bring you the most joy?  Notice whether you feel excitement or fear.  If you feel fear, ask yourself if this is yours or your ancestral lines fear rising within you?  Remember you are the pioneer of your lineage, paving paths they never tread.  When you move forwards you actually affect them all at soul level and not all of them want to step up.  The fear you feel may be theirs not yours!  So never give your power away to it.

Just because no one has done what you want to do.  DOESN’T mean don’t do it.


The next common inner road block I see arise for my clients is the fear of what happens if I set up a soulful business & it fails?  What happens if I can’t attract any clients to my coaching business?  Am I really good enough to help people?

I am here to tell you that there has never been a safer or more prominent time in history for women to step up and share their gifts in the world.  No longer will we be hung or drowned for sharing our healing gifts with our clients.  In fact people DESPERATELY NEED YOUR GIFTS!  Humanity as a collective can’t evolve if the way showers aren’t there helping along those a few steps behind them.

This includes those of you on more traditional corporate and clinical fields.  How can you invent something new within your fields that helps and elevates those around you?  How can you be the pioneer within your own teams and organisations?  How can you be the change?  Helping them to expand and bringing them spiritually online?

At root the fear you have is not truly that your business will fail or you won’t attract clients.  It’s the fear of being seen & truly visible for who you are that is the root to heal.  It’s the fear of being attacked for being YOU.

You see we have been persecuted in past lives & completely disempowered as women through eons on patriarchal reign.

A woman who has ignited her inner magnetic goddess and knows she is the co creator of her universe is a force to be reckoned with.  Nothing that gets in her way of expressing herself in the world will stop her.  She knows that others only attack and try to belittle someone of power and light.  So it’s feedback to keep focussed on her goals and purpose as she is a catalyst soul that brings change.

The key here is to do your inner work & heal these pieces within you and they will no longer be an issue for you.  No conflict will arise as the trigger has gone.  Also realise that each time to expand to the next level you must leap out of your comfort zone. The safe place you have outgrown & which was once an expansive space is now a place your hiding out playing small in.


YOU and all your experiences, tools, war wounds & tales are what attract your soulmate clients.

YOUR TRANSFORMATION is often the KEY to finding your PURPOSE!  It’s this STORY that will attract your clients as they will trust you and want you to help them accelerate out of their own predicament.  YOU help them SOLVE their KEY PROBLEM by being YOU!

If you are feeling the call to get on track in 2020 & know that doing it alone is lonely, confusing & often slower.  You know with the right support, guidance and healing you can thrive by working with a coach who has tread the path you are on & can accelerate your journey!

Then reach out & book a discovery call and let’s see how we can best work together.

Sending you lots of love & blessings

Allera xx

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