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Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur – Access your Multi Dimensional Power

access your multi

I’m being called to further assist in others connecting not only in expanding their purpose but truly understanding who they are as souls.  This means to recognise, embrace and share their true multi dimensional nature!

This is the gift and catalyst that once brought online will help you in turn ACTIVATE YOUR CLIENTS!

This is BIGGER PURPOSE action & it all starts with YOU!

I have been through many initiations, activations and challenges on this Earth walk.  In fact in truth I have lived three lives in this body in this lifetime.  That may sound bizarre but part of fully accelerating on my path & helping my clients do the same.  Was to understand WHO I truly am up to that point.

I add that caveat- (up to that point) for a reason which I will explain more fully later.  As this is an access point and coding for those who are ready to integrate its wisdom & the power & creative freedom it brings.

Over the past few years of intensive healing, growth and expansion I was shown the truth of what had been happening at soul level for me in this timeline.  How the affects of trauma in early childhood and then another event whilst in a co dependent relationship during my 20’s brought about significant decisions for soul walk in transitions to be orchestrated.  Meaning I learnt that I am not the only soul who has lived in my body in this life time.  I’m actually the third and came in during 2006.

This meant the task I accomplished by the end of 2018 was to clear the karma for the 3 souls to remove the interference/influence and fully disconnect from my biological family matrix to be able to get out in the world and carry out my purpose (which is still expanding)!

To learn more about my journey and the decision to change my name by deedpoll in 2018 to my true soul name- Allera, so I could embody more of my essence & power – read here:

The gift from this scenario is that firstly I have attracted not only a number of clients what have gone through these transitions & been able to do the psychic surgery & quantum healing work needed to assist them on stepping out of the overwhelm/turmoil & get rapidly on with carrying out their purpose!

It showed me another angle of the architecture of realities and perspectives.  I have a gift of being able to access different Morphic fields, timelines and spaces with the blink of an eye and whilst still in conversation with someone.  There’s no need for lengthy journeying or a process of doing a ritual to go into trance.  For me it’s as natural as batting an eye lid.  This gift has meant a big lesson in understanding different morphic fields of consciousness, energetic laws & boundaries.  As whatever I tap into effectively has access to MY ENERGY FIELD!

As I (Allera) only came into this body in 2006 (whilst the body was 26 years old).  I realised I am accessing memories, like downloads from both the mind,soul & cellular memory systems plus reading the imprinting within the holographic matrix of my energy field.  As I personally was not in the body to experience those events for example.   I again can connect into the grid and holographic structures and always have to ask what within my field belongs to me or the other 2 souls, the feminine collective or family matrix I’ve been connected into. It was like an energetic disentanglement & one I now use with my clients for rapid change.

The language I have used in a lot of my writing to date is around the soul & morphic fields as ultimately the collective consciousness were still beginning to bring on line an understanding of these.

However what I have learnt through my own transformation & that of using my gifts and tools is much vaster and is ready to more readily seeded into consciousness now.  This means we activate the wisdom and knowledge within us so we create a new template within the collective consciousness matrix.  Which allows others to start tapping into it.

The upper dimensions of consciousness are beginning to collapse closer into the lower realities as we ascend our own consciousness.  All the dna and chakra activations have opened up more of humanity to their multi dimensional selves.  This means more of the collective are stating to operate from higher consciousness levels thus making that more of the norm!  This will continue as part of the accelerated cosmic cycle over the next 20 years.

What I am being shown to start sharing is that we have so much more power than we realise.

As a soul when you physically incarnate.  You are light essence integrating through a denser series of vibrating energy structures. The emotional body is connected to the 4th plane and will hold accumulated ‘memory & imprinting’ of experiences including trauma, beliefs, family/societal imprinting and ways of being.  A lot of what the clearing process focuses on when people first spiritually awaken.

Whatever you hold within your energetic matrix structure/hologram with reflect into your outer reality of perspective.  So if you change what you are connecting and aligning your holographic structure to, you can rapidly upgrade your outer world experience.

As way to look at this is to imagine what a person living in poverty and struggle is connected into.  A person who can’t pay the bills, living in fear and feeling helpless.  Versus a multi millionaire self made business woman who took herself from a lineage of poverty to a life of abundance.

Both people are at opposite ends of a polarity and both have the potential to experience either realities.  One is plugged into victim and poverty consciousness not recognizing their innate power to create and change life or embrace the support of the universe around them.  Where as the other person has disconnected from the poverty consciousness fields, know their aligned action will create change to help them feel empowered to meet their goals.  They have also expanded their energy field to ground more abundance where as the other person is sat in fear will be constricted.

There will of course be other pieces they work on to make those shifts but it gives you the perspective of how quickly and easily we can make these shifts if we CHOOSE!

As a soul you will often choose to take on an archetype lens.  Meaning you will use that archetype lense to experience yourself and the world through it.  However from working with hundreds of people in their Akashic records I find that many are locked into only experiencing archetypes through their negative polarity & also are running multiple lenses at the same time thus keeping them in chaos.  Imagine trying to see clearly whilst wearing 5 different pairs of glasses each at different prescription strengths.  For each of these situations an archetype re-patterning at soul level hugely helped!

Each time we are born we energetically connect into the morphic fields of our family, the structures of abuse/trauma/money and wealth experiences.  Even the fields of what is means to be a woman, our sexuality & even relationships and childbirth!

So from day 1 we are pretty much pre-wired into these old matrix programs.

Our souls are multi dimensional and at any one time we are influenced by 5 parallel versions of ourselves & the experiences they are going through.  Which is why I always do healing/clearing with clients at soul, parallel, ancestral, monadic and soul level!  The more we elevate our consciousness through the ascension process the more connected we become to our other aspects as we move towards unity!

I’d like you to imagine that instead of choosing to connect your energy field into all these other fields of consciousness & grid networks that have left you suffering, in chaos, disempowerment & struggle.  That you have the power to CHOOSE to disconnect yourself.

That in doing so you also can CHOOSE to stop wearing the old archetype lenses & embody the upgraded coding needed to create new templates for empowered women on this planet.

I would also like you to be curious.  What version of yourself or old field of consciousness are you plugged into and how are YOU allowing it to shape your thoughts/vibration & the reality you are creating.  This is why I recommend energy clearing each morning as I always disconnect from any old fields and timelines I don’t want to be re- experiencing.

You have survived the trauma, the heartbreak, the money struggles, the disempowerment.  So why are you still connecting into that reality & old version of yourself now?  Why are you bringing that ‘old version’ of your soul, that outdated ‘story’ imprint INTO YOUR NOW TIMELINE?

Just as I can connect into a past, parallel timeline version of myself.  I know how to disconnect myself from it.  I gather the WISDOM, LESSONS & GIFTS.  Update my soul memory system to stop accessing that data store as my memory library.  So the old thought patterns and stories just don’t pop up continually.

I realise I’m not wanting to repeat the past.  I want to living my most juicy, joyful, expansive & creative, wealthy version of myself – NOW!

Well just as I can access other aspects of my multi dimensional self.  I can also access the version of myself who’s LIVING THAT LIFE NOW!  Time isn’t linear.  All these versions of self are occurring at the same time but your conscious mind will only become more aware as you raise your frequency!

The gift here is that just as we can extract and download data from our past life selves.  We can do the same for our future selves.  So we can be brought into ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT QUICKER.

Which means reaching our goals sooner when we combine with the changes in our daily life through ACTION!  Plus shift our MINDSET.

Sounds exciting?  Resonating and opening up a new door way of possibility in meeting your GOALS of thriving in your SOUL ALIGNED BUSINESS & LIFE?

Well I have created something for you to do just that.  A taster into accelerated soul growth!

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Allera xx

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