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Atlantean Priestess Immersion


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

It’s finally birthed!

If you haven’t been tuned in to the Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur group- go check out the past few days FB lives.

Why- well I’m sharing what I’ve been up to since April & have had to do undercover.  Literally no one was able to know what & where I was.

I’m also helping you to connect some dots! A reminder as such.

You may not realise but this current state is a holding zone.  It is in fact a training ground for getting up to speed with what you came here to do (ie it’s a bit of a evacuation mission to wake up your sleeping soul group brothers & sisters)!

To do that we’re being asked to really dig deep into our being as a divine connection to source.  We to are being asked to face the shadows we hold to break the quantum entanglement we’re caught in with Atlantis & also Lemuria & Ancient Egypt.

This is the heaviest karma held by about 60% of the planet (guilt, shame, trauma, fear & illusion).  This is how the same energies that caused the distortion then by whispering in the ears of the scientists who decided they were more powerful than god and started to crack the codes of creation- creating human & animal hybrid slaves (plus a host of abusive experimentation). They created such imbalance that it affected the delicate energetic eco system of Atlantis so the experiment had to be ceased before it impacted the rest of the planet (we didn’t learn- we did a couple of times over a few thousand years).

It’s the same energies of distortion running our planet now that are seeding their commands into the ears of our scientists, political leaders, media organisations & Space programs.

How can they have so much influence?

Well these people don’t know it’s darkness (let’s call it distorted energies) influencing them.  They often aren’t connected to their own inner light but also don’t realise that all the thoughts they have of control, jealousy, competition, force & anger are the direct line to the distortion energies.

This means we too are opening these lines of communication.  Often unconsciously as we’re afraid of our shadow.  This is how we get manipulated.  Until we face it & realise our light is actually more powerful than the distorted energy.  It scares us so we can’t step fully into our power.

All manor of tactics are being used on earth to distract & manipulate us.  If you are prescribing to the only love & Light band then your hiding and fearing the dark consciousness so in fact your opening the doors!

We must recognise that many of you hold the past wisdom that needs to be re-embodied on this planet. Psychic & healing gifts that allow us to commune, create & hold a higher dimensional consciousness.  Where we are all able to easily access outside of linear time as default.

Yet it’s locked in Pandora’s box.  You can’t access it as you’ve closed it along with the Atlantean shadow you fear!

Did you know a priestess & shaman spoke to both higher & lower consciousness beings?  As dark/light actually is duality & not source perspective.  God doesn’t see it as good/bad as that’s not love!

To fully embody love & all that is! Which you are (light and dark)! You have to go into your darkness to understand & converse with it.  To free yourself & it then won’t rule your life & unconscious anymore.

I am a shadow hunter & you will know from everything I have taught over the years & the experiences I have encountered that I often went into the dark organisations & consciousness to understand it so I could not only free myself from its traps & entanglements but I could empower others to do the same!

Now is that time.  The Earth needs you & so do your soul brothers & sisters you came here to wake up!

The Atlantean Skull conclave are now being re-seeded on Earth to assist us all!  I have activated the first 5 skulls in locations across the U.K.

It’s time for change but we have to contribute our part in a more active way than ever before!  No more self b/s.  You signed up & now it’s time to step up!

The first pre clearing of parasitic & narcissistic templates starts 11th July!  This is a bonus they have asked me to bring in as needed.

We start the immersion on 19th July.

Payment plans are available. DM me for info.

Allera xx

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