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Ascended Wealth Code Activator- Join us here!


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I’m excited to be sharing so much juicy, uplifting & powerful magick with you!

Those who attended the Goddess Hour on the 11:11 portal have been messaging me asking when I’m holding the next one!

On Sunday I took a group of women through the Frequency Expansion Group Session.  The theme was doubt.  The plague that affects us all & we stripped back this poison.  Named it, found its routes into our field & decided to take our power back.

Recognising the thoughts, story loops & even some of the feelings of doubts may not even be yours!  Learning how to identify this stuff as we move into our multi dimensional awareness.

Huge shifts!

I’m loving leading these existential containers as I’m seeing more women deciding to face the old reality traps & decide to get off the merry go round- the constant clearing, the focus on duality, believing they must fight demons/evil/darkness.

You see those pieces serve a purpose & we all explore those layers but there are reality traps.  Meaning consciousness programs that are keeping people (including those in the new age/false religion communities) trapped in the restricted constructs.

Would you like to start living differently?

Embodying your spiritual practices so they are an asset to creating an abundant life that you relish. Not wish you could escape from.

I understand many of us are tired at soul level.  I’ve been there & it was a shift into deeper levels of sovereignty around all areas of life & my spiritual contracts.  I choose how I life & serve this time round.

Come & join us at 7pm London/GMT on 28th Nov for:

Ascended Wealth Code Activator

Sign up here… &
Allera xx

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