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Are you yearning for in person magical connection again?

Allera Mandrake-11

Hey Gorgeous Soul,

Are you feeling the need to re-connect with the world?

The past couple of years has really jumbled up this deep need for connection on all levels?

I mean I see all the gifts, the growth, the change, the new desires & many rebirths!  Including where I live, who I want to spend my precious energy with & to only be in really high vibe environments!

I’m just not available for life any other way now!

We all get choices & the big reset as I call it has provided a lot of clarity!

I have been attending many new retreats & events recently.  Reaching out to new people across the globe & engaging in conversations that spark something in me.

After we’ve been forced into confinement logistically, I feel it has made me expand my viewpoint of how to not allow these circumstances to hold us back from creating change & healing through connection & communication!

My role is to be in the communities (as in all

Industries) not just the online space!  I’m an activator & for years have been guided across this Earth star for just that!

Which is why I am excited to be creating some delicious VIP events in Glastonbury & London!

These will be powerful, intimate & soul activating!

If you would like to hear more & be added to the pre-list (as spots will be limited).

Reply to this mail!

Allera xx


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