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Are you trading your joy for money?


For many on the planet right know there is a simmering of unrest within.  The old methods, means & tactics to ignore the inner call to purpose are losing their strength.  The uncomfortable knowing & nagging feeling that you aren’t doing what you came here for is beginning to get stronger.

Old systems, relationship structures, methods of learning & leading are all beginning to be dismantled.  As they no longer fit the societies of tomorrow.

What holds the old paradigm, patriarchal perceptions, gender inequality & false constructs of conditional love must be brought down for the new to be born.

If you have found my work you will have heard this call and likely aware that these changes not only start through action in the world.  Intrinsically they start from within us.

Hunting down the inner beliefs we’ve swallowed whole from family, society, authority figures, media & religion on how we should think, live, love & be.  Then releasing these restrictive outdated constructs that have held us captive from creating a life of limitless expression. One where we eb & flow through the waves.  Growing, evolving & appreciating our true soul brilliance at co creating a life of fulfilment.  The old constructs & beliefs have held us captive in a matrix of fear.  Bound by our own illusions of helplessness & fear.

Yet we all within us hold the keys to our own cages.  It’s through healing ourselves that we can then transform not only our own lives but can start to get out in the world and take action to rebuild societies of the future.  Moving away from the drivers of fear & consumerism towards a society that is geared towards service to others rather than solely to self.Yet these changes don’t happen over night.  The evolution of humanities consciousness will happen gradually & may not be fully evolved to a unity consciousness state within your own lifetime.  Yet we each offer the gift of paving the way to a better tomorrow by taking action ourselves today.

One of the big road blocks I see with many clients and those on the awakening path is their relationship to money.  It’s so intrinsically tied up with their ability to experience happiness and joy.  As that is what society has programmed them to believe.  The more money you have equals more happiness.

They don’t see that money is a form of energy and that as with any relationship we must nurture the one we have with money.  We must also realise that we live within spiritual laws that aim for balance.  So when things get skewed and we’re always in debt or always paying out for another repair or bill.  We have to look deeper into what is actually playing out to bring that relationship back into balance.

They are running old programs that you must work hard to earn money, that it doesn’t grow on trees, you must save all your money for a rainy day, that being rich is evil or worse that it’s not spiritual to be wealthy.  All of these hidden beliefs are at play when you experience fear around money.  Whether that’s earning it, saving it or spending it.

It’s just as much of an issue if you can’t spend money on yourself as if you have a habit where you can’t say no to whatever new purchase presents itself.  Each are out of balance & have an emotional charge of fear, lack of love & worthiness.

The big leap of stepping out of our money story often comes when we have to invest in ourselves whether that’s with a coach, having therapy or training for a new qualification.  As we’re wired to think it’s ok to spend money on hundreds of small purchases from Amazon which add up to a sizeable chunk of our salaries or a new dress & shoes to be worn once for a night out.  Yet we struggle to spend money in investing in ourselves, our self growth & transformation.

This scenario starts to show our relationship with money.

Another opportunity to face these money limitations arises when someone wants to step out and create a soul aligned business. As this brings up a lot of fear of stability.  We have been programmed into believing that the only way to have regular financial security is to work for someone else doing a 9-5.  When in reality you may have a regular income but you are working for someone else’s dream if you aren’t also building your own passion alongside it.  You are trading your joy for money in this situation.  So many fail to launch.  They grip tightly to the norm of the 9-5.  That they never even set up the side hustle job which is the starting point to getting their gifts & talents out into the world.  So instead they stay playing small.

Many of my Soulpreneur business clients aren’t healers.  They are spiritually awakened men & women who are doing their deep inner work & are ready to be seen in the world.  They have had successful corporate careers & businesses & need help creating a new venture that is soul aligned to their passions & vision.  Even those who have been high end earners to begin with all have their money story issues arise when they start wanting to create their own businesses & step into their power.  There really is no shame attached to this.  It’s just another part of the puzzle for us to transform.

The key message here is don’t let yesterday’s money story demons & illusions hold you back from taking the steps to become the Soulpreneur you desire to be in the world.  Everything can be transformed if you are ready & committed to do the deep work & its quick!

If this speaks to you & you would like to find out more on how I can help you transform your money story or bring that business idea into a viable plan, package & product to market in a grounded but soul powered,  energy savvy way!

Then reach out to me here and we can get the creative process in motion:


Allera xx

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