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Are you stuck on the Twin Flame merry go round ?


I’d like to start out by setting the scene and asking some direct questions.  If any of these trigger you then dig deeper into why.

Get a pen and paper ready and write down the first thing that comes up for you when you read this.

1: On a scale of 1-10 how would you feel if this time next year your life is in the same situation?

2: Over the past 6 months what has manifested into fruition, positively transformed or upgraded in your daily life experience?

3:  Is there any part of you that has felt an inner nagging feeling that something is off when you interact with Twin Flame groups?  Ranging from experiencing fear, feeling like you lose huge slots of time, are disassociated and feel like you are hooked into repetitively following posts etc?  Have you ever felt like you are under the influence of others intentions or energies & not always able to step away and make grounded decisions for yourself?

4: Have you set goals in the past month, committed and executed to aligned action afterwards?

5:  Are you able to manage your energetic and emotional state?  Are you withdrawing from life and re-enacting a kind of spiritual hermit role?

6: On a scale of 1-10 how much joy are you experiencing in your life right now?

7:  On a scale of 1-10 how stuck are you feeling in more than one area of your life (health, relationship, finances etc)?

8: What percentage of your time do you spend thinking about your TF, reading forums/blogs/seeing psychics/card readings vs taking daily conscious aligned action in seeking help/support in healing what is limiting you (from beliefs, past life trauma, childhood wounding or just identifying your purpose and getting clear on how to create & execute it)?

We are drawing to the end of 2019 and the end of a decade.

For many on the Twin Flame Journey I’m seeing those who have become locked in a cycle of inaction and suffering.  Yet they all hold the key to their own cages.

The power to create change is within each one of us & it really doesn’t need to take years.  Conscious daily action, even small steps all lead us to our destination.

The universe will match your action with support, ideas and opportunities.

By taking no action you are essentially saying I don’t want any support.  I’m happy sat here waiting for my desires to come to me.  Yet life doesn’t work like that.

To manifest our desires we must change what’s going on inside us so we can align to the future version of ourselves who can receive whatever it is we are asking for.

We must also recognise that although we have soul contracts with many souls.  We each all have free will.  We also have free will & sovereignty over our energy & bodies regardless of who at soul level we may have a contract with to learn something, marry or have a child with.

No one is forced to be in a situation or with a person- they make a free will choice.

How liberating it is to know that we have a choice in how we create our realities and that we can also choose not to be with people, share our sacred bodies, our energy and time with anyone we don’t feel aligned with!

For some Twin Flames there is a belief that their journey is part of some kind of arranged marriage and expect their 3d reality to manifest as such.  In this incarnation we are moving away from the old constructs of obligation & vows to others.

If you can see that this life walk is but a grand experiment which is forever being shifted, upgraded, rearranged by your soul, guides and the galactic council.  You will realise that nothing is set in stone.  They can assist in orchestrating situations, meetings, opportunities but we each have free will in how we think and respond to them.  Which then directly affects the reality we create.

It’s very much like sliding doors.  Windows of opportunity are constantly opening for us but we must make the choice whether to walk through them.  There’s no judgement if we don’t.  It just means our team of spiritual supporters will try and line up new ways for us to learn, grow and master our lessons.

There’s less than 60 days of 2019 left.  If you are committed to change and closing the door on 2019 more confident, positive & empowered with a new toolkit that will help you ride the waves on this soul healing journey.  Allowing you to quickly shift your inner world.

Then take a look here & you have the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to a brighter tomorrow.

Allera xx

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