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Are you still feeling wonky energy after the Eclipse?


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

What a week!

Can you see the outward shift the collective has taken through the Eclipse portal?

I realised what was at play as I found myself working with my clients energy & it was split!

Stuck between two parallel realities (hint this is what we create when we pendulum our frequency & focus)!

Bringing in some more multi dimensional wisdom here… A it’s time & B it’s a key piece to look at around not manifesting what you want!

You see as you expand your consciousness into different fields of awareness.  Depending on where your set point is most condensed.  You are creating a reality!

So energy bleeds are a thing to tidy up when your on the awakening path!

Some may just feel this but as we become conscious creators we are holding the reigns!

I brought through the 11:11 Reset to go into this & clear up the wonky energy post the Eclipse (which was here to help close out pieces from 10 years ago). Many didn’t do the inner work & are kind of swinging between different timelines!  You might notice this when you wake up, hard to ground/focus, what excited you one day you can barely remember the next (just a few indicators)!

So here’s the replay!

Ready for an upgrade?

Then let’s go deeper into the healing journey from a different perspective – who says we are to take one path, years or lifetimes?

As souls you agree to the initiation starting so you can choose to end one & re-direct the ship!  This is the multi dimensional sovereignty I’ve been sharing!

Best of all- it’s to actually ground into a more abundant & fulfilling life not one filled with overlays of old teachings that make us think the loops are some kind of rite of passage (hint

They are old religions inversions to keep you powerless)!

Time to rise!

Allera xx

The Modern Day High Priestess

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