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Are you sick of attracting men who want you to heal them?


How are you faring these weekly shifts?

Many are going through what I call little deaths almost on a weekly basis.

A shattering of the illusion field around you occurs piece by piece as you start to release yourself from the hold of the old constructs & matrix.

It’s often not comfortable because we fear not knowing the reason or destination.  The force of the resistance we use causes an inner battle we’ll never win.

You see the soul is running the show.

What we resist often comes with a big boot of the universe that pushes us to step up.

So what is happening?

You have tried to fight yourself whilst under the illusion that it’s something outside of you trying to create change.

You have resisted the growth plans your soul has for you.  There are often soul contracts and timings surrounding our souls blueprint for this lifetime.  The closer we come to these, the bigger the push to release the blocks – especially if we haven’t been listening.

Take a moment to consider how many looping patterns and cycles of repetition you have found yourself in.  How you have asked for guidance & support from your spiritual team yet ignored the messages repeated to you from different sources and people brought in to help you.

How does it feel to realise that you have the power to transform your reality the moment you listen to the inner messages & the outer guides offering access routes to new perspectives.

A change in your perspective can crack open the blocks you are experiencing.  Open you to a new realm of possibility.

Empowering you to realise if someone else has created something you desire, then it’s also possible for you.  It’s about finding the road map to get there.

Things accelerate when you work with your soul rather than against it.

I have created the Sovereign Sisterhood Group to help women rise through these shifts together!

With support, guidance & love!

As a collective vortex within the sisterhood, I am guided what we need in order to rise together within our twice monthly group ceremonies.  I bring through the transmission, magick and medicine the group needs & it seems to evolve beautifully & synchronistically for us all!

Our next ceremony is on Monday 25th May!

We will be merging the magick of a ceremonial tea ceremony with the poweful healing of Kuan Yin & the orange dragons who will revoke the agreements you made that are keeping you attracting in people to process their endless suffering or heal them!

We will disconnect you at soul level from gods and goddesses of the lower planes who are causing distortion.

You are not here to fight, struggle & battle this time round.

You are also not here to be human vacuum cleaners for others pain & suffering!

This is about healing you align to the positive polarity!  A return to learning through pleasure & Joy!

This is an initiation in calling back your power!

Are you ready to join us?

Allera x


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