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Are you ready to elevate in further alignment with the higher version of self?


I challenge you to observe your daily interactions with family, acquaintances, friends and colleagues over the coming days.  Even observe the monkey mind chatter, the background dialogue as you go about your day and in response to what you read & interact with including social media.

What are you allowing yourself to ‘consume’ daily?

  • Do you all follow a familiar bonding pattern of conversation based on moaning, judging others or gossip?
  • Do your conversations align with a reality or perspectives of lack?  Bringing you down to a lower level or thought pattern?  Often we are attracted to those who share similar beliefs & values.  However once we do the inner work we shift as do our beliefs.  How does this affect you?  Are you inspired by your company and the conversations you have or do you find yourself feeling unfulfilled or that there’s little in common?
  • Is there a balance in the conversation so that everyone is heard?
  • How are your thoughts, feelings and experiences received when you voice them?  Are they acknowledged without judgement and listened to or do those same people you have spent listening to for hours completely disregard your opinions when it’s your turn?
  • How in line with integrity are your actions, thoughts & words?
  • How in line with integrity are the actions and words of those you surround yourself with?

This is an evolution for us all and many aren’t willing to walk the walk, only talk it!  Tune in and observe with neutrality yourself and those around you.  Do you observe alignment with word and action or lots of facades, noise and ruse?

Throughout society and including the yoga and spiritual community there are a lot of people reciting ‘lots of self help advice or spiritual text’ without embodying and integrating it into their lives.  Some even do so as a form of manipulation & to gain attention or your trust.  They talk about meditation, yoga & crystals & can reference spiritual info and pop psychology but they haven’t done any of the inner work.  It’s like buying the uniform but not starting the job.  It’s surface level and I have come across this a lot.  We are asked to use discernment constantly.

Each one of us comes up against an initiation of personal integrity with the purity of our thoughts, intentions, spoken word and actions – Daily!

Our thoughts are powerful commands to the universe of what we’re asking for.  Negative thought combined with strong emotion directed at someone is psychic attack.  This is seen & felt by those attuned to read energy.  Just as positive thought combined with the intention of love can be the basis of a healing.  We are always able to access duality of the power we hold.

Spoken word is essentially a spell.  A calling and command of intention to the universe, activating universal laws for assistance.  There are no two words more powerful than ‘ I Am’.  Say those two words along with a statement automatically creates a thought form in your energy field.  As energetic laws work by resonance – like attracts like.  So you call to you situations and people who resonate with the thought forms in your energetic field.  So it’s important to be conscious of self talk and also be aware of the impact of negative talk about others as it will lower your vibration whilst your dishing it out.

Karma and being impeccable with your word.  I personally find that the minute I know someone lying, it’s repellant.  I no longer want to connect with them as it feels ‘off’.  The karmic template on Earth has been deconstructed over the past few weeks.  Meaning those who are wanting to close out old timelines and anchor more fully into 5D consciousness can.  This means that which is out of alignment is being brought to the surface quickly to show us…the masks are off!  We’re being shown the truth of what and who is around us.  So we can choose what and whom we want in our lives.  Decide what truly assists us with our soul growth, our path & our inner truth.

The laws of cause and effect are that of balance.  They also work fast.  If you lie, steal, deceive or act out of alignment to manipulate, the energetic laws are kicking in faster and balance is being brought in.  This means the consequences of your thoughts, words and actions are manifesting faster!

Work in alignment to divine truth & your soul path & it’s a prime time to accelerate yourself on your soul journey.  Manifest the support in all forms that you need rather than directing your focus or spending your time with things that lower your vibration & mean you send out mixed callings to the universe.

For those soulpreneurs our there I have found this is especially important.  You are tightly connected to your business as an energetic entity linked to you.  If you allow your vibration to drop and energy resources in all forms to be leaked it affects the flow of new clients, money and creativity.   Part of our initiation is to always ask ourselves does something take you closer to achieving your goals or pulls you away.  It’s about spotting the distractions and any habits slipping and reigning them in.  An area we have to be strong with is the company we keep and setting boundaries with self and others so that your inner well is full before you offer out your energy for other people and tasks!  Burnout is not a high vibe state for success & no medals will be awarded!

This also extends to who we employ as contractors with our business.  Your Technology developer, your accountant and the service providers.  All of these are interacting your business and can strongly affect not only the general running of it but also you ability to focus your attention in the right areas.  We’ve all had the drama of a service provider not doing what they agreed & spending hours on the phone trying to sort it out.  It’s unnecessary energy leakage in my books.  If things slip like this & can’t be quickly resolved I now take action swiftly & change providers.

I fired my original technology developers as they became unreliable and one of the team swore over the phone.  I knew they weren’t vibrationally in alignment with my brand and energetic signature of the business.  So I knew they would cause more drama and chaos energies to affect me down the line causing me to not feel things were being properly serviced as needed.  So I got rid of them and found a new developer who understood my vision and was supportive in pulling out the stops to make it happen!  I freed myself from lower vibrational chaos.  Short term pain in starting from scratch again but ultimately I met my business launch date due to it.

There is an soul lesson of detachment throughout.  Just observe.  Check in and ask yourself honestly how do I feel in any of these situations.  Can I change myself to ultimately affect the outer interactions?  Do I choose to expend my energy on working to change these relationships/situations or is this now time for me to expand and grow, invite in the new?

We must be conscious that many are on different degrees of consciousness and that is perfectly fine.  We are all on our own soul journey.  We must be true to ourselves throughout.  Don’t lower your standards to fit in with others just because it’s easier that way.  It’s unfulfilling & there is a whole new soul tribe out there waiting to find you!  Hint: They won’t find you if your still in the trap of gossiping and moaning about life.  They will be out living, creating, learning & growing in the the world.

Be a leader in your life & take courage in following your path in the way that makes your soul soar!

Nothing is wrong or right with these situations, it just is.  It’s then your choice to let go of all that no longer serves you, your path and truth.  Including people, habits, monkey mind chatter, old beliefs, societal constructs and ultimately that which keeps you small.

The spiritual path is a constant initiation of rebirth and death for growth and personal upgrades.  Riding the waves of change throughout.

All of this is up to you.  Do you walk your path in struggle or with love and in flow?  It’s all an initiation on the path.  We are always in control far more than we realise.

We choose our thoughts, we choose who we associate with, we choose what we read, we choose the environment we’re in, we choose to take action or not, we choose to our perspectives in life through our beliefs, we choose to dig deeper and change limiting beliefs to create a new reality – or not!  We have so much personal power in every moment but we have to appreciate and claim it.

Love and blessings

Allera xx

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