Are you longing for connection, community & a big dose of soul magick? - Pure Light 1111

Are you longing for connection, community & a big dose of soul magick?


The power of group energy & connection!

When we come together in unity, in collective thought, purpose & intention -miracles occur! ❤️

If you’re missing your tribe & feeling like your drifting in an empty ocean of negative news, propaganda & fear mongering.  🖤

Just know there is always a different way, choice & path. 🔥💫🔥

For all those who sit passive & wonder why their dream life hasn’t arrived at their front door.  😔

There is a whole tribe of other people who connect, dream, create & manifest their desires. 👸

Who are you choosing to hang out with physically, mentally, spiritually & energetically?  As it will have a big effect on your perspective on things. 🧐

We’re all going through huge cycles of weekly change.  For many this plunges them into poverty consciousness which equates to poverty manifestation. 💴

Yet I for one see weekly waves of opportunity pulling down the old structures and creating space for us to rebuild the new.

I see potential.  Which means I manifest from a place of expansion. 💰 ❤️🔥

I adapt my routines so I feel good.  I appreciate this will need to be flexible but I know my goal is always to feel good. 🌟

Why is that?

You manifest from how you feel.🎉

If I align to pleasure, joy & focus on what uplifts my vibration- I am Magickal! 💫

I choose to tap into my PRIESTESS POWER!


I take responsibility for what I consume on all levels & make sure I am giving my energy to that I which nourishes me. Rather than to something that drains me.

The Sovereign sisterhood group is a collective of women stepping into the Priestess Power! 👑

Together we rise & celebrate as we do so!

This journey needs an injection of fun! ❤️

That’s part of the reason we came here! To express through joy💫

Let’s not forget that!

Click here if you want to join our group of Sovereign Sisters & let’s create a new sisterhood together!

Early bird pricing for a few more days!

Allera x

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