Are you living a life that activates you? - Pure Light 1111

Are you living a life that activates you?


Gorgeous Soul,

I’m excited to share today’s podcast with you.

I feel it deep in my soul that there is a calling for us to release the chains of the past & get up & walk towards the lives that truly excite us.

We’ve been conditioned to play nice girl & accept crumbs & believe that gratitude also means accepting status quo.

Well I believe our souls choose growth, expansion & this comes through seasons of desire.  The life you lept at 2 years ago is unlikely to feel as juicy, expansive & self expressed now if your in exactly the same spot.

You have changed & collectively WE have all changed.

It’s ok to desire more or even a change in job, home, location & even soul path.

It’s all part of cycles! We let go to receive the next level!

You are made for more – always!

Allera xx

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