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Are you ‘done’ yet?


It’s an interesting paradox…

Are you done yet?

Have you made the decision of what you will and will not show up for in your life?

Have you made the decision of what you will be available for in all areas of your life?

Are you ready to live in integrity with your heart and soul?

Are you done with feeling stuck and weighed down with a ton of internal baggage?  Are you done with hiding, avoiding and making excuses to healing these pieces so you can free yourself from their clutches?

It’s when you have that breakthrough.  Past the stages of almost done, done…but not quite done.  Pretending to be ‘done’ but not quite ‘done’.  That you reach the finality of Done… complete.  You can detach and see the situation for what it was, understand the lessons, appreciate your growth and fully get back in the driving seat of your life and speed off to a new adventure.

These days once I recognise something is ‘done’ I’m out of there.  Often in the past I tried to make things work longer than they were worthy of my time and effort.  It’s now a honed skill to not get involved in the first place if I have even a smidgen of doubt.  I’ll check in the Akashic Records to find out what happened last time I was in this situation or when I last met this person (often in past lives).  I understand what’s about to play out, the unfinished business and decide do I want to ‘play’ this out or just having the knowledge can be enough to do a soul realignment for myself to literally integrate & close my lessons and any contracts that are outstanding.  Which frees me up to choose how I create and experience my soul lessons.  I have taken myself off the merry go round of abuse, fear, drama and trauma that were part of my genetic lineages way of living and learning.  Through the healing process I dove into in order to heal myself and my ancestors, I realised I had the power to create a life experience that was congruent with my true soul self not defined by how my ancestors or society chose for me.  I was well and truly ‘done’ with the old way of being.

This is possible for everyone but we are conditioned to believe differently.  Part of our awakening to connect with our divinity is to understand and take conscious responsibility for our choices and the energetic implications of what we allow into our energy field (hologram).  Allowing us to take our power back and step more fully into our divine sovereignty.

Many of the people who contact me daily are in a state of confusion and chaos.  Often they are stuck with one foot in the old and one foot in the new in their lives. The desire both consciously and at soul level to break free, expand and embrace life with a fresh start is strong.  So strong it’s become too uncomfortable to ignore.  Almost overnight each area of life is stirred up to create friction wherever they turn.  Nothing is ‘easy’ anymore.  The old tools of numbing with sex, drugs, alcohol and food aren’t working.  All are blocks to self love and they can’t hide from themselves in the same way they used to. It all adds to the uncomfortable feeling of detaching from their current situation mentally, spiritually and emotionally but their physical body remains playing out the motions.  Stuck between two realities but not fully present.

The intuitive signs are there but the action isn’t being taken to make the changes to create the new life they desire.  It all remains in an almost dream state.  So they remain in a deep rut of unhappiness.  Out of alignment with their hearts.

For many on the spiritual path they jumped straight into bed with the many myriads of the new age community and its cult like distorted collective mind.  It became another route to self-avoidance, inaction and delusion.  Within the morphic fields (collective consciousness) of the new age community (including the Twin Flame collective) there’s a swirl of limiting programs strongly running.  Do you recognise some of these in their many guises?

  • It’s not spiritual to earn money or be wealthy (plugging you straight into strong morphic fields of lack, poverty, guilt, shame, struggle, fear, religious programming and playing out scenarios of not being able to earn enough money to live let alone carry out your purpose).  It will also show up in not being able to charge your true value for your services and under selling yourself in business.  We must realise it’s very hard to put yourself out there in the world, shining your light and helping others if you are constantly worrying about paying the rent and basics like buying food.  Money in truth is a form of energy and strongly connected to our own love ‘story’.  Often if we don’t believe we’re worthy of love we will also see blocks around money in our lives.   Our money story is formed by age 3 and will have strong connections to our ancestors experiences.  You all have the power to heal this and create a new loving relationship with yourself  and money.  There’s nothing ‘divine’ in struggle or lack of any kind.
  • Healer heal thyself (this plugs you into belief systems and morphic fields of I can’t carry out my purpose till I’m fully healed, never ending patterns of clearing but not actually seeing any differences in how you feel, it can become a subconscious belief pattern that actually keeps you self-sabotaging stepping into your power as you feel you must be perfect and fully ‘healed’ before you can be of service to others.  So in reality this keeps you in a state of failing to launch.  Staying small to keep safe.  Not reaching your full potential.
  • I must go through dark night of the soul to spiritually grow (a belief system that keeps many in fear, suffering, loss, chaos and disempowerment looping patterns and will often also bring about depression and anxiety).  There’s almost a sadistic rite of passage which is romanticised in new age and twin flame groups around suffering for years in this state.  Let’s be clear it’s hard to manifest anything positive in this state and it keeps people stuck as they can’t see the wood for the trees in any area of their lives.  As these are beliefs and also part of collective morphic fields.  You can reprogram the beliefs and disconnect yourself from the fields of chaos in minutes.  I have included a muscle test and clearing to take you out of Dark night of the soul in my Twin Flame Program which does just that.  To note each time you go through a big shift or are having to make more changes it will often throw us back into Dark Night of the soul.  It’s being savvy enough to recognise you have gone into it (seeing a shift to experiencing a state of fear, anxiety, helplessness) and using these tools to take you out of it again.

Read more here:

  • You aren’t spiritual if you do x,y,z in your life.  This again is part of the collective mind entangled with old religious programming, separation mentality and patriarchal fear based control fields.  In essence you are a soul (spirit) in a physical form (body).  Life in itself for all is spirit having a physical experience.  We are all,  regardless of our beliefs, spiritual.  How we connect to our inner soul (spirit), higher consciousness and creator/universe/cosmos/god will of course vary but doesn’t make anyone more or less spiritual.  A by-product of expanding our consciousness to understand this often brings about an added appreciation for the physical body and its importance.  Plus extra sensory awareness that our physical and energy bodies are affected not only by what we ingest but also how we speak to ourselves and the company we keep.  So looking after our body has a knock on affect to creating a happy mind and soul.
  • I must play out my soul lessons and stay ‘learning’ from this situation, relationship, friendship, job etc.  This keeps people bound to situations way past their end date.  You are not a slave to any relationship or situation to learn any lesson unless you make yourself one.   This belief construct connects into beliefs and morphic fields (consciousness collective mind) that spiritual growth comes through suffering, I am a victim, helplessness, martyr energy, fear, desperation and self-disconnection.  To buy into this belief program keeps you disconnected from your heart and intuition which will be screaming at you to wake up and make necessary changes.

Carefully tune into the Twin Flame groups you’re linked to and see where some of these programs are playing out.  You will see it in the comments posted by people.  Remember by you being a part of the group, you too are connected into the collective mind of the group (morphic field).  So the beliefs, programs and any other energies playing through fear (entities etc) have access to your energy field.  You give your permission each time you focus your attention towards the group.  So be selective in what you spend your time and energy on.  If you feel your vibration drop (anxiety, fear, ruminating thoughts, anger, dizziness, confusion) after reading social media posts, clear your energy and stop focussing your attention on whatever brought you to that state (including online magazines, newspapers etc).

For many people in the Twin Flame/new age community, Instead of recognising they have hooked into many dysfunctional thought fields through their families, schooling system, religion, work places, social media groups and society.  Which are keeping them in looping patterns of feeling stuck and small.  They’ve plugged into another consciousness that is no healthier.

There’s a shadow dynamic at play too.  Illicit fixes of recreational drugs and alcohol are swapped with plant medicine, hours of daily meditation and scouring forums for answers on why their life hasn’t yet transformed into the image they’re trying to manifest.  Yet their deeper wounds remain unhealed and for many life is like living in a permanent pit stop on the side of road.  They have not only removed themselves from the perceived frenetic rat race.  They have taken themselves out of daily life altogether.  One unhealthy lifestyle swapped for another.  One addiction replaced with another.  Yet many are blindly oblivious to the energetic impact of unhealed trauma combined with substance abuse (plant based or recreational).  Except for the nagging discomfort that can’t be ignored.  Their soul is desperately trying to wake them up to see the situation more clearly.  You really can’t hide from yourself on the journey of getting to know and heal your soul.

So my original question was are you done yet.  Are you done with feeling stuck or playing out your life unconsciously through the belief systems of others.  You see, the changes you desire are always within reach and always in your hands.  You are never a victim of your circumstances.  Your choices have got you to this point, so new choices can get you to a more desirable destination.

The place many are stuck in is that they aren’t fully ‘done’ with the current situation.  This even goes for the deeply damaging, abusive and neglectful situations.  Which I have seen some Twin Flames stick in for decades.  It’s serving them in some way, which is often at root due to fear of change and the unknown.  So staying stuck has the secondary gain of keeping them safe. Which is all an illusion

What would your life look like if you were to deem any choice that’s not loving towards yourself and takes you away from your true path as an act of self abuse and neglect?   It’s a wide spectrum and we have all sat on the wrong end of the sliding scale at some point in our lives.  In a place that betrays who we are.  Calling us to go deeper into ourselves to make a choice to live in our true integrity.

In truth we choose when and how we learn our soul lessons.  We have free will to change what’s in our soul blueprint and the tools to do so through the Akashic records.  Our soul and guides will bring us people and situations to assist us but it’s fully in our own hands as to whether we learn the lesson in an hour or a lifetime.  It really is that simple.  So asking yourself why is this person in my life and what is this situation trying to teach me.  Can accelerate the process.

This means we choose when we are ‘done’ with a certain way of being, a pattern of thinking, acting, reacting and living.  Who says you have to stay in a dysfunctional soul destroying situation to ‘learn’ your soul lessons?  These are just limiting beliefs taken on from the collective mass belief fields you have plugged into through society, new age communities and religions to name a few.  It may just be as simple as you just have to give yourself permission to do something different minus guilt, shame or fear.  Making a decision that you will start living life on your own terms and accepting that those terms will eb and flow as you delve deeper into self.

Once you decide what you will and won’t entertain in your relationships (including the relationship with yourself) you change the game.  You set a new bar and things start to shift.  It’s not to say you won’t meet any resistance but how you respond to it will change.  You won’t be open to giving away your energy (power) to anything that’s out of alignment with your hearts integrity.  Struggle only happens when there’s a polarity occurring.  If you step out of the dance the struggle dissipates.

If you are ready to delve deeper into shedding the old stories, releasing the past and present life trauma, limiting beliefs, unplugging from dysfunctional morphic fields, outdated soul contracts and much more.  Take a look at the Twin Flame Healing Program which takes you through everything I went through from awakening to carrying out my life purpose in a grounded way!

Love and blessings

Allera xx


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