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Are you caught in an Infodemic?

For the past few months I’ve snoozed and sometimes unfriended those who pop up on my social media newsfeeds ‘sharing regurgitated fear based material’.

You see I have no interest in the content as  it’s no different to spreading gossip.  The vibration is low.

Words have power- THIS IS A MASS LESSON!

The words you write, speak & think are strongly driving the timelines you are creating & often fluctuating between.⚡️

When you read posts you are connecting onto Morphic fields of consciousness – vibrational fields that contain beliefs, programs and illusions.  Which you often unconsciously entwine with.  Then will become affected by the overlays these create as often they are conditional.⚡️

Your free will choice and super power during these fluctuating times is detachment & neutrality to hold your own vibration steady! ?

This means not confusing compassion with sympathy & getting your own field entangled with the suffering you tap in to.  ✋

You don’t & can’t help anyone by dropping to meet them in their suffering.  Yet like an addiction many of us unknowingly do this 20+ times each time we pop on social media.  We’re bombarded by trauma & old stories.  Along with a dose of conspiracy & new age perspective.

The question to ask yourself is…

?How does this pattern of behaviour I’m running make me feel?

?Do I have an addiction to distraction?

?If I were to check my internet scrolling time would this shock me?

?What do I get distracted by most (is there a theme & can I detox from this cold turkey for a week)?  Thus removing this influence & frequency from my field?

?Has what I have consumed left me feeling fearful and disconnected from my souls truth?

?Have I so deeply consumed myself with someones story that I’m now running some of their thought forms & programs? Many have poor energy boundaries & often take on others energy through the internet not just in person.

?What pages that I follow truly inspire and lift me up making me feel supported in community, connected & uplifted to be part of.  Vs what % of pages, groups, friends do I follow & see on my newsfeed that do the opposite & are energy bleeds?

A huge shift has occurred the past few days and further patriarchal shadow is going to be unveiled as the mass collective consciousness has reached a new level to see & digest it.  This next layer has added fuel shall we say as it’s amassing global focus (therefore energy)!

Our power is in not being swept up in this wave!

We have risen and evolved through the many changes of 2020 & will do so again as we have had the intensive training ground.

We have just over 90 days left of 2020!

Do not allow world chaos and the demolition of old systems to be the reason you become distracted from your soul purpose, desires, ability to feel good & light up desires!

You manifest what you focus your attention on!

If anything recognise this is round two where you may feel called to pivot your business.

Tap in and connect with your clients & communities & realign to what they may need alongside your offerings!

Be the feminine leader & be seen!

Show up & be the light!?

We are all safe, we are always loved & we are very much protected (on all spiritual realms)!

u tap into soul the more safe, loved & joyful you will feel.  We just have to sometimes tap into the heart & give the eyes a rest during times of chaos.

Sending lots of love

Allera xx


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